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simon vs. oscar

Rarely a Dutch film comes out worth recommending. But Simon, the new film by Eddy Terstall, is definitely worth seeing. Opening film on the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch submission for the Oscars, Simon is a monument to the Dutch climate of tolerance, treating in a hilariously irreverent but ultimately very nuanced way such themes as euthanasia, drugs and gay marriage.


It will be interesting to see how Simon fares at the Oscars (if it gets nominated), as it is basically about everything the American God has forbidden, including, yes, nudity.

Official (Dutch) film site @ www.simondefilm.nl.

dutch hope in days of fear

Admittedly a little late i've only just been discovering the legendary dutch cabaret of Neerlands Hoop in Bange Dagen (1968-1979), formed by Freek de Jonge and the recently deceased Bram Vermeulen. It's 30+ years old but still sharp and relevant. Consider this one, in a crude translation:


However deep you go
Into the woods
You hear a plane or train
And you know
What it means
There will never be silence again

Silence you break
By even talking about it

Many more (Dutch) lyrics @ www.zwartekat.nl/neerlandshoop.

Neerlands Hoop

rsi vs. evolutionary advantage

Ladies and gentlemen we are offically afloat in cyberspace! Let's see whether this proves to be an evolutionary advantage weighing up against the RSI in my back...

human evolution

blaseity dinted by tv on the radio

Not often completely wowed by new music anymore, but this one has been on repeat all weekend:

Young Liars EP - TV on the Radio

(Something like Soul Coughing meets Peter Gabriel, including a doowop cover of the Pixies' Mr. Grieves.)

how to be creative (long version)

How to be creative in a non-creative world, in 23 illustrated points.


Good luck!