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give the man an oscar

There's a whole list of films i need to watch again after seeing 'The Life and Death of Peter Sellers':

Not to mention the list of Sellers films i haven't seen at all yet.

Or the list of Geoffrey Rush films.

By that time 'The Life and Death of Peter Sellers' should be out on dvd...

time, pt. 4

Yeah, well, I guess there always comes that time when you should do something about your blog but you really can't find the time.

This has been that time...

(15 days 5 hours and 1 minutes since last post)

...as testified by the overcompensation below.

time, pt. 3

'An ivory labyrinth!' I exclaimed. 'A minimum labyrinth.'
'A labyrinth of symbols,' he corrected. 'An invisible labyrinth of time.'

From "The Garden of Forking Paths" - Jorge Luis Borges, 1962 (?).

time, pt. 2

What time is for the nonreligious man of modern society would be more difficult to put into a few words. We do not intend to discuss the modern philosophies of time nor the concepts that modern science uses in its own investigations. Our aim is to compare not systems or philosophies but existential attitudes and behaviors.


This is as much to say that, for him [modern man], time can present neither break nor mystery; for him, time constitutes man's deepest existential dimension; it is linked to his own life, hence it has a beginning and an end, which is death, the annihilation of his life. However many the temporal rythms that he experiences, however great their differences in intensity, nonreligious man knows that they always represent a human experience, in which there is no room for a divine presence.

From 'The Sacred and the Profane' - Mircea Eliade, 1957.