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Where one sculpture says more than the whole two hour tour...


Update: Larger version posted in the Places photo gallery.

the chance of humming

standing on two logs in a river
might do all right floating with the current
while humming in the

if one log is tied to a camel,
who is also heading south along the bank –at the same pace-
all could still be well
with the

unless the camel
thinks he forgot something, and
abruptly turns upstream,


Most minds
do not live in the present
and can stick to a reasonable plan; most minds abruptly turn
and undermine the




- Rumi

Jalualud'din - or Jalal al-Din - Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic. It is said that "Even during his lifetime he was noted for his cosmopolitan outlook. His funeral, which lasted 40 days, was attended by Muslims, Jews, Persians, Christians and Greeks."

Translation from “Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West” by Daniel Ladinsky.

contributing to a puzzle

Let me recommend Wikipedia, which i recently discovered, not only as a great source of information, but also as a satisfying activity adding to. Writing an article for Wikipedia is the virtual equivalent of helping to build, why not, the cathedral of Reims, or the pyramid of Giza. It's contributing a humble little piece to a puzzle too large to comprehend in full...


The idea behind Wikipedia remains hard to believe: an online encyclopedia in all major languages of the world created entirely by volunteers, in fact by anyone who feels like adding to it. Just go to wikipedia.org and click 'edit this page'.

And the strange thing is, this has not resulted in a total mess, but has actually grown into a full-blown encyclopedia that is now considered to match the Encyclopaedia Britannica (which is so old and revered it's spelled with a special 'ae' character i wouldn't even know how to produce here - plus you need to sign up to use it (the encyclopedia, not the character)).

As an example of Wikipedia's strength: the first little thing i wrote, where i forgot some template and category stuff, was mended by someone else - a random other contributor - within two hours after i had submitted my text.

the lost weekend

How do all Billy Wilder's films manage to stay so fresh and sharp? The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Sunset Boulevard... -- they just don't seem to age or lose any of their power.

And now The Lost Weekend, from 1945 (!), which i hadn't seen yet. It is the grim and disturbing story of an alcoholic whose alibi of being an up and coming writer wore off years ago, and who is now spiralling down the drain during one long 'lost weekend'.

The Lost Weekend

It's amazing this film was made at all in post-Prohibition, puritanical 1940's Hollywood, and even more amazing that it can still rank up there with, say, Leaving Las Vegas or Under the Volcano.

let's see some identification

My new passport is all shiny and weird.

  • It has a kind of oversized creditcard glued into it which makes it an unbendable affair, awkward to carry in basically any pocket.
  • The design (yes, passports too are designed!) features what look like horizontal prison bars which partly overlap my picture.
  • On another page they printed an Andy Warhollish monotone print of my picture which isn't even remotely recognizable as me.
  • They miniaturized my signature to a degree where even in Lilliput they'd be squinting to see something was there.
  • Did i mention it's too shiny? My old passport frayed and aged nicely over the years, but this one will probably stay new and conspicuous forever.

Really, what will they think when i show up with this as id?

And i didn't even participate in the 'get a discount, get a biometrics passport now' test they were pushing so hard...

canvas amsterdam

Laser 3

Cool collection of critical aphorisms someone called Laser 3:14 (bible reference? pi-obsession?) decorates the walls of Amsterdam with.

See them all @ www.dekliek.nl/articles/lasers