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Translation, German-Dutch, 2013

A Dutch translation of the German play 'Speer' (1998) by Esther Vilar.

'Speer' uses a clever mix of history and fiction to portray "dictator of the Nazi industry" Albert Speer as a modern manager without a conscience.

Set in 1980 in East Berlin, the play revolves around a meeting between the pragmatic technocrat Albert Speer and an idealistic communist. What follows is a suspenseful verbal duel that touches on universal themes of power, morality and humanity.

The play premiered in Berlin and London, in both productions with Speer portrayed by Klaus Maria Brandauer, but has never been staged in the Netherlands.

Read more in an introduction to 'Speer'.

The translation is unpublished. Rights owned by the author, represented by Per H. Lauke Verlag.