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the tree / de boom

Translation, English-Dutch, 2014

Dutch translations of two essays by English author John Fowles: 'The Tree' (1979) and 'The Nature of Nature' (1995).

In the long autobiographical essay 'The Tree' Fowles explored his relationship with nature, and particularly wilderness, woods and trees. Contrasted with what he considered modern man's overly 'scientific' thinking he described the green wilderness as "an experience whose deepest value lies in the fact that it cannot be directly described by any art ... including that of words."

In the shorter essay 'The Nature of Nature' he revisited the paradox of putting words to what is intrinsically hostile to analysis, "the acutely rich sensation of beingness."

Along the way, both pieces offer a fascinating insight in Fowles' life and work. Patiently searching, winding and alive with wit and wisdom, they are like the woods he describes, places to wander in without a map.

Read more in these introductions to 'The Tree' and 'The Nature of Nature'.

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