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  • the green face
    There was an all-pervading, matt half-light; the poplar outside the window, the distant bushes and the towers of Amsterdam were faintly illuminated, as if by dim floodligh
  • money doesn't exist
    Spotted in Amsterdam, one of the saner responses to the financial crisis... "Geld bestaat niet" ("Money doesn't exist").
  • too bad
    "Jammer" / "Too bad"
  • canal sunset
    Just an old dug-up photograph, taken years ago (probably around 2001) in Amsterdam. I'm tempted to say, back when we had real summers. Update: For a larger version, see my
  • new year's resolutions, pt. 3
    Do more photographing, so you don't have to resort to pix from the old box (Dutchism, sorry) to liven things up. This case in point is from grbl!#%tss 2004.
  • stern decorations
    On the last day of SAIL Amsterdam '05 , finally got to see some of the many tall ships. There is some confusion about the name of the Dutch East Indies Company replica shi
  • canvas amsterdam
    Cool collection of critical aphorisms someone called Laser 3:14 (bible reference? pi-obsession?) decorates the walls of Amsterdam with. See them all @ www.dekliek.nl/artic
  • a tourist's view of the world...
  • free pizza tomorrow

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