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  • the man who planted trees
    Discovering this story resembles its narrator, walking "in that ancient region where the Alps thrust down into Provence" and stumbling on 'The Man Who Planted Trees', or '
  • chemical redemption
    Time is now a subjective matter. You decide in your mind when day breaks, or when the moon fades. After a while you probably lose the numeric calendar as we once knew it.
  • chronopolis
    How do immortals pass the time? Well, in Piotr Kamler 's experimental animation film 'Chronopolis' (1982) they play games with time itself. Strange, repetitive games with
  • tango
    Here's a little known animation classic from Poland called 'Tango' (1981), directed by Zbigniew Rybczynski . Whereas the essence of animation is often seen to be that it c
  • waltz with bashir & lebanon
    Warning: some spoilers ahead. Though, really, all this is history. Two recent films from Israel, ' Waltz with Bashir ' (2008) and ' Lebanon ' (2009), deal with the country
  • winter days
    While on the subject of Raoul Servais (see previous post ), an interesting project he participated in is ' Winter Days ', an animated film based on a renku by Bashō and ot
  • atraksion
    Seeing the curious failure of ' Taxandria ' at the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (who rather amateuristically showed a dubbed German version of the film and then ap
  • jazzed
    Another favorite at the Dutch Film Festival was the Flemish short animation 'Jazzed', by Anton Setola . Following a jazz musician on a riotous night out, the story, set to
  • the old man and the sea
    Watching Aleksandr Petrov 's stunningly beautiful animation of ' The Old Man and the Sea ' online undoubtedly can't begin to compare with seeing it on an Imax screen, for
  • begone dull care
    As a tribute to Oscar Peterson , here's a unique vizualisation of his legendary piano work: an abstract animation called ' Begone Dull Care ' (1949) by experimental filmma
  • a scanner darkly
    Faithfully adaptated from Philip K. Dick 's novel, Richard Linklater 's animated 'A Scanner Darkly ' is a grim tale of drug-fueled paranoia. As with most P.K. Dick novels,
  • bendito machine
    Seen at last year's Resfest , but as it turns out it's available online too: ' Bendito Machine ', a short animation from Spanish Zumbakamera . An interesting mythological
  • le grand content
    Le Grand Content examines the omnipresent Powerpoint-culture in search for its philosophical potential. Intersections and diagrams are assembled to form a grand 'associati
  • resfest 10
    Already in its tenth edition, Resfest now tours 43 cities around the world, showcasing new talent and innovation in short films, animation, music videos and motion design.
  • ink city
    At the otherwise disappointing China Contemporary exhibition in Rotterdam, Chen Shaoxiong 's 'Ink City' is an interesting exception. An "ink video" consisting of 300 ink d
  • iffr: nyócker!
    A fitting Friday night surprise film at the IFFR , the Hungarian animated feature ' Nyócker! ' ('The District!') combines energetic and satirical entertainment, a fresh vi
  • twelve and a half minutes
    ' Zwölf 1/2 Minuten ', a German "short experimental documentary", strikes a nice balance between humor and food for thought. Even if the message is not very new, its stren
  • film title art
    Nice feature by Not Coming to a Theater Near You on the famous film titles and sequences designed by Saul Bass , including many Hitchcock and Scorsese films. @ www.notcomi
  • crystallized music
    Cool animation visualizing a jazz piece by John Coltrane , 'Giant Steps' ('59). The structural approach of John Coltrane to music is associated with architectural thinking
  • dalí & disney's destino
    "A simple love story, where boy meets girl," Walt Disney described his animation project with Salvador Dalí in 1946. For Dalí it was "a magical exposition on the problem o
  • brilliant beckettian animation
    Another search for a long sought-after film, the short German animation 'Balance', unexpectedly ended in finding the entire film online. Watch Balance here. (In the bottom

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