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  • radio kootwijk
    In a (by Dutch standards) remote part of the Veluwe stands the monumental radio tower of Radio Kootwijk . Built in 1923 as a long-distance telegraphic station for the then
  • ek├╝menopolis
    The closing day of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam offered a fascinating trip around the metropolises of a globalized world, from the politics of garbage and a un
  • insel hombroich
    In the rolling Rhineland fields near Neuss lies the Museum Insel Hombroich , a spacious park that's also a museum, with both open air sculpture and graphic work housed in
  • ecclesiastical plumbing
    The current issue of Cabinet Magazine , devoted to infrastructure , contains a fascinating article on an architectural detail of Catholic churches called the piscina . The
  • the one & the many
    This summer's exhibition by Elmgreen and Dragset in the Rotterdam Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf), titled ' The One & The Many ', uses the gigantic space of the wharf
  • a-bomb dome
    When the nuclear bomb named Little Boy hit Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, one of the very few buildings left standing in the city was the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Pr
  • the presence of strangers
    Some of the specific tactics Jane Jacobs describes in her seminal work on urban planning, ' The Death and Life of Great American Cities ' (1961), may be outdated half a ce
  • into eternity
    The documentary ' Into Eternity ' chronicles the building of a nuclear waste storage facility in Finland. Designed as a "permanent solution" for radioactive material - whi
  • vacant nl
    Some interesting talks at This Happened Utrecht on Monday, including a presentation by Ronald Rietveld on the Dutch entry for this year's Venice Architecture Biennale , ti
  • chichu art museum
    In the context of Art Setouchi , the Chichu Art Museum deserves a separate post. Located on Naoshima , which has been developing as a centre of modern art for years, this
  • florence skyline
    The skyline of Florence is dominated by a single building, the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore , or simply the Duomo. Though the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio vies with i
  • modern egypt
    For a glimpse of modern Egypt, look no further than the Bibliotheca Alexandrina , the futuristic new incarnation of the great library of antiquity. A giant disc rising fro
  • my public space
    The NAI exhibition My Public Space takes a critical look at the changing concept of publicness of city space. Public spaces are being privatised as a result of the decreas
  • shed a tear
    Amid all the reconstruction chaos of Rotterdam's Central Station , you'd almost overlook a poetic tribute to the old station, designed by Sybold van Ravesteyn in 1957 and
  • de monet aux pixels
    Claude Monet famously painted a whole series of Rouen 's Notre Dame Cathedral at different times of day. Half a century later, Roy Lichtenstein made a Pop art version. Now
  • carceri d'invenzione
    Giovanni Battista Piranesi 's 'Carceri d'Invenzione' ('Imaginary Prisons') are a series of poster-size etchings depicting a dark prison world - though prison is far too ta
  • futuristic shanghai
    ' Code 46 ', Michael Winterbottom 's thoughtful dystopian drama, treats such themes as the divide between haves and have-nots, genetic cloning and the nature of memory (wh
  • need an expo pavilion?
    Remember the Dutch pavilion for the World Expo 2000 in Hannover? A "stacked landscape" designed by MVRDV , it was the Expo's tallest structure, and a big hit at the time.
  • little patch of yellow wall
    Visiting the Mauritshuis today to see the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' for real (as reality follows blog posts these days), I was struck by that other Vermeer , hanging acr
  • abstract high rise
    Check these amazing photos of Hong Kong high rise. Almost Escher, except people live in it... Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density (Suggested by Jens .)

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