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  • oblique strategies
    In 1975, musician Brian Eno and painter Peter Schmidt created a deck of cards containing short statements or questions. Called ' Oblique Strategies , over one hundred wort
  • everything that happens
    Curious new collaboration by David Byrne and Brian Eno , almost 30 years after ' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts '. Their new album, called ' Everything That Happens Will Ha
  • selling plastic vs. music
    In two Wired articles, David Byrne talks with Thom Yorke , Brian Eno and others about the shifting business model of music. What is called the music business today (...) i
  • ambient music
    By now a sprawling genre of electronic music - characterized by a very fine and wavery line between boring and soaring - the idea of ambient music has an intriguing histor
  • bush of ghosts
    Cool remix site for ' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts ', the 1981 album by David Byrne and Brian Eno . Update: For some old-school remixing, check out Bruce Connor 's found-

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