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  • steamboat bill, jr
    What's a blog without some YouTube these days, right? So here's an awesome, old-fashioned spectacle Buster Keaton clip. It's a compilation (re-edit) of the famous storm se
  • limelight
    In the eternal Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton debate (for a lively version see ' The Dreamers '), Keaton was ahead on points after seeing ' The General ' - possibly the
  • new year's resolutions, pt. 1
    It's high time i said something about Buster Keaton here. And more specifically about the existential Keaton vs. Chaplin debate (see, for instance, ' The Dreamers '). Thou
  • eyecandystore
    For obsessive downloaders, here's a good collection of public domain torrents (i.e. downloadable films of which the copyright has expired). Includes silent classics (highl

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