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  • iffr: trap street
    Did Vivian Qu, writer and director of ' Trap Street ' ('Shui Yinjie', 2014) ever read Kafka's ' The Castle '? It would have been interesting to ask her, but she wasn't pre
  • timeless tranquility
    Chinese artist Li Xin's large landscape paintings explore that strange borderland where representation becomes abstraction and the depth of a mountain vista can turn into
  • the great wall of china
    The Great Wall of China in Badaling, an hour north of Beijing, on a quiet day. These days two other Chinese walls need to be mentioned as well, the Great Firewall and the
  • beijing advertising
    (No, that switchboard isn't part of the poster.)
  • beijing crowds
    Beijing's Forbidden City, the former imperial palace that these days is simply called the Palace Museum , draws tourists in tremendous thronging numbers. Much of its mysti
  • xi'an stelae
    The most impressive museum in Xi'an, China's ancient capital of Chang'an, houses the Forest of Stelae, a vast collection of ancient literature and calligraphy, all engrave
  • dunhuang desert & caves
    From Sichuan further northwest to China's traditional desert frontier, where the Silk Road oasis of Dunhuang lies on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert - quite literally, w
  • danba & kangding
    From the perpetually cloudy valleys of central Sichuan to the crystal clear air and high altitude sunlight of what is historically Kham , the Western province of the Tibet
  • qingcheng shan
    Mount Qingcheng, west of Chengdu, with its steep gorge paths, vertical landscapes and timeworn shrines and temples, shows where classical Chinese painters got their inspir
  • chengdu textures
    An impression of Chengdu's unlikely mixture of frenetic boomtown and contemplative tea gardens... Update: In retrospect this image seems to sum up Spring in Chengdu much b
  • china trainscapes
    China's vastness seen through dirty train windows, in transit between Guangzhou and Chengdu.
  • guangzhou spring
    Guangzhou in early March, already shimmering with heat and hazy skyscrapers on the horizon, including the soaring curves of the Canton Tower .
  • macau deities
    Hidden behind its modern facade of dazzling casinos, Macau's old town offers a fascinating blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture and religion, symbolized by the ruins of
  • hong kong fog
    Hong Kong in early March, both its iconic skyline and extensive mountain areas (great hiking territory !) shrouded in fog. For proper Hong Kong photography, Michael Wolf's
  • the cold mountain path
    Clambering up the Cold Mountain path, The Cold Mountain trail goes on and on: The long gorge choked with scree and boulders, The wide creek, the mist-blurred grass. The mo
  • ink city
    At the otherwise disappointing China Contemporary exhibition in Rotterdam, Chen Shaoxiong 's 'Ink City' is an interesting exception. An "ink video" consisting of 300 ink d
  • futuristic shanghai
    ' Code 46 ', Michael Winterbottom 's thoughtful dystopian drama, treats such themes as the divide between haves and have-nots, genetic cloning and the nature of memory (wh
  • shi jing
    Some more on China... A sample from the ' Shi Jing ' ('Book of Songs' or 'Book of Odes'), the oldest collection of poetry from ancient China and one of the Five Classics .
  • shanghai contrasts
  • off to china...
  • abstract high rise
    Check these amazing photos of Hong Kong high rise. Almost Escher, except people live in it... Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density (Suggested by Jens .)

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