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  • into eternity
    The documentary ' Into Eternity ' chronicles the building of a nuclear waste storage facility in Finland. Designed as a "permanent solution" for radioactive material - whi
  • iffr tigers
    As the 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam kicks off with a brand new tiger logo, here's a comparison with its tigers from the past. From the old, melancholy tiger
  • running with the beast
    Great stylized aggression in this music video for 'dirt rock' band zZz 's ' Running with the Beast ', from their same-titled new album. Directed by Roel Wouters , the vide
  • congratulating loesje
    Loesje , Holland's wittiest poster girl, turned 25 today. Since she first appeared in the streets of Arnhem in 1983, she quickly conquered the Netherlands with her subvers
  • resfest 10
    Already in its tenth edition, Resfest now tours 43 cities around the world, showcasing new talent and innovation in short films, animation, music videos and motion design.

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