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  • iffr: bitter lake
    Adam Curtis' new documentary got a world cinema premiere at IFFR as part of the Signals: Everyday Propaganda program. In his trademark style, narrated as a history of idea
  • all the world's memory
    Because he has a short memory man accumulates countless aide-mémoires. Confronted with these bulging repositories, man is assailed by a fear of being engulfed by this mass
  • iffr: the fall of the romanov dynasty
    A challenging close of the IFFR on Saturday with a Grand Talk program that consisted of a screening of the 1927 USSR propaganda film ' The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty ', G
  • iffr: manuscripts don't burn
    Modern Iranian cinema, always prominently present at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is known for its poetic, metaphorical storytelling, beloved by Western audi
  • idfa doclab: do not touch
    From an oilfield boomtown documentary that is also a sims game, to a crowdsourced music video that makes your cursor part of a swarm - this year's Doclab program at the In
  • a phony doc
    ' Salinger ' is the kind of documentary you have to be glad the famous writer didn't live to see. The sensational tone, bombastic music and papparazzi zoom lenses all add
  • the consensus project
    It's weird that this should still be necessary, but the recently launched Consensus Project presents the findings of a new survey which shows that out of more than 4,000 a
  • statues also die
    Coming back to the idea of ethnographic museums embodying (neo)colonialism , here's an eloquent statement on the subject, made in a unique collaboration between two master
  • idfa doclab: insitu
    The Doclab program at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam provides an annual harvest of interactive documentaries from around the world, and is a great w
  • ekümenopolis
    The closing day of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam offered a fascinating trip around the metropolises of a globalized world, from the politics of garbage and a un
  • the rise of the hug on tv
    Adam Curtis is best known for his distinct brand of documentaries made for the BBC, which combine a sleuth's history of ideas and relentless deconstruction of political id
  • into eternity
    The documentary ' Into Eternity ' chronicles the building of a nuclear waste storage facility in Finland. Designed as a "permanent solution" for radioactive material - whi
  • waltz with bashir & lebanon
    Warning: some spoilers ahead. Though, really, all this is history. Two recent films from Israel, ' Waltz with Bashir ' (2008) and ' Lebanon ' (2009), deal with the country
  • idfa's doclab: documentary storytelling
    An eclectic harvest at this year's DocLab , the new media program of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam , focusing on new forms of documentary storytell
  • data stories
    Recommended viewing for journalists and critical readers, the documentary ' Journalism in the Age of Data ' looks at the state of the art of data visualization . With a de
  • dutch light
    While on the subject of observing Holland , another interesting documentary is ' Dutch Light ' ('Hollands Licht', 2003), investigating the myth of the unique quality of li
  • mirror of holland
    This year's Nederlands Film Festival has a program called Mirror of Holland, a retrospective of Dutch cinema of the past 30 years as "cultural-historical documents". The p
  • kill the referee
    In all the World Cup excitement it's easy to forget there is another, parallel tournament going on, with just as much pressure, politics and sportsmanship - that of the re
  • as slow as possible
    Though this is a belated post on the short documentary ' Es wird einmal gewesen sein ', which screened at IFFR , there is plenty of time to write about its subject - 630 y
  • landscapes with oil
    For over 10 years, Edward Burtynsky has been photographing the global influence of oil. From the vast industrial landscapes of oil fields, oil sands and refineries, to the
  • easy riders, raging bulls
    In response to Billy Wilder's sneer (see previous post ) at the new generation of filmmakers that took over Hollywood in the late 1960's and 1970's, here's the same contem
  • trances
    Some more Moroccan cinema... ' Trances ' ('Al-Hal', 1981) is a vintage documentary about the legendary group ' Nass El Ghiwane '. Formed in the late '60s in Casablanca, th
  • idfa '08
    Not having seen much of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - except the morbid mafia of ' Necrobusiness ' - luckily documentaries increasingly embrace the we
  • la convivencia
    The period known as La Convivencia refers to the peaceful coexistence of Muslems, Jews and Christians during the Moorish reign of al-Andalus (Spain), between 711 and 1492.
  • glass & zoo
    Surprisingly little of the work of Bert Haanstra , the old Dutch master of poetic documentaries, is available online. There is a collected works DVD box , but why isn't th
  • iffr: come back africa
    A bit of an anomaly at the Rotterdam Film Festival , the 1959 fictionalized documentary ' Come Back Africa ' (directed by independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin ), which pro
  • manufacturing consent
    At almost three hours long, the classic documentary ' Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media ' (1992) by Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick , provides a good intro
  • the story of stuff
    ' The Story of Stuff ' neatly explains how our entire economy increasingly boils down to one thing: consuming more stuff. From resource extraction to production, distribut
  • the shock doctrine
    What to think of this short film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein , ' The Shock Doctrine '? Without having read the book of the same title that the film is meant to intro
  • good copy bad copy
    An interesting Danish documentary on the friction between copyright and creativity, ' Good Copy Bad Copy ' cites free culture movements ranging from Sweden's Pirate Bay to
  • future shock
    Alvin Toffler 's ' Future Shock ' (1970), precursor to ' The Third Wave ', described the effects of accelerated technological and social change in late 20st century societ
  • an inconvenient truth
    In ' An Inconvenient Truth ', directed by Davis Guggenheim , former US vice-president Al Gore makes a timely and convincing argument for the threat of climate change cause
  • the psychopathic corporation
    The threepart Canadian documentary ' The Corporation ' asks the interesting question: if corporations are considered legal persons, what kind of personality do they have?
  • entrepeneurial madness
    The documentary Georgi and the Butterflies (winner of the Silver Wolf at IDFA '04) is the bittersweet portrait of Georgi Lulchev, director of a Bulgarian psychiatric insti
  • idfa '04
    For those of us who are busy missing the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and the concurrent Shadow Festival , here are some links to a variety of docs yo

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