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  • al-mahdi
    "What inferno, what terrible plague or huge massacre or catastrophic earthquake is needed to make those people stop and look around them, to contemplate in silence what te
  • coptic egypt
    At more than 10% of the population, the Copts are a sizable minority in Egypt, and in most towns church towers can be seen side by side with the mosque minarets. The Copti
  • modern egypt
    For a glimpse of modern Egypt, look no further than the Bibliotheca Alexandrina , the futuristic new incarnation of the great library of antiquity. A giant disc rising fro
  • ancient egypt
    Herodotos was definitely right about the staggering number of ancient monuments to be found in Egypt. What's even more mindboggling is how well they are preserved, survivi
  • off to egypt
    About Egypt I shall have a great deal to relate because of the number of remarkable things which the country contains, and because of the fact that more monuments which be

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