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  • slavery footprint
    This made the rounds last year, but it's a geat discussion piece for around the christmas tree. After the carbon footprint, ecological footprint and water footprint , the
  • calculate your water footprint
    After the ecological and carbon footprint calculators, there's now a water footprint calculator , allowing you to calculate your own water consumption. The footprint is de
  • landscapes with oil
    For over 10 years, Edward Burtynsky has been photographing the global influence of oil. From the vast industrial landscapes of oil fields, oil sands and refineries, to the
  • the story of stuff
    ' The Story of Stuff ' neatly explains how our entire economy increasingly boils down to one thing: consuming more stuff. From resource extraction to production, distribut
  • human footprint map
    As a follow-up to my earlier Human Footprint post , here's an illustrative world map. The resolution is poor, but the Netherlands look reddish if not purple... The Human F
  • how big is your footprint?
    The Ecological Footprint Quiz is an interesting way of confronting yourself with your own lifestyle. Ecological Footprints document a given population's consumption and wa
  • photo proof of climate change
    For a project i'm currently involved in ( New Values Tradegrounds ), i've been following the ongoing debate over climate change fairly closely. It's quite shocking to find

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