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  • idfa doclab: do not touch
    From an oilfield boomtown documentary that is also a sims game, to a crowdsourced music video that makes your cursor part of a swarm - this year's Doclab program at the In
  • the trouble with bubbles
    Miniature worlds are a recurring theme in the stories of Philip K. Dick . In ' Second Variety ', volume two of his collected stories (all early work from the period 1952-5
  • hex empire
    One of those casual time-wasting online games that got the addiction factor right is Hex Empire , by Meta Sauce . Basically a variation of Risk , it's a strategy game on a
  • closure
    Closure has been described as an online Flash game "about being and nothingness". The game indeed takes a very original approach to the worn-out genre of platform games ,
  • auditorium
    Auditorium is a very elegant puzzle game by cipher prime . In a kind of playful synesthysia, the goal is to create music by directing colored light beams. With a visually
  • the game of war
    For those with enough time on their hands: check out Guy Debord 's 'The Game of War', now made into a computer game by RSG under the title ' Kriegspiel ' (beta version; re
  • chain factor
    A clever and highly addictive game, ' Chain Factor ' is a kind of Four in a Row / matching tiles hybrid. It's also the first innovation in the whole ' Bejeweled ' genre I'
  • game, game, game and again game
    For an original and utterly weird interactive experience, check out ' game, game, game and again game ' by Jason Nelson , who calls it "a digital poem/game/net artwork hyb
  • mancala
    Mancala is one of the oldest games in the world - or rather a vast family of hundreds of games with a common ancestor, played in Africa, the Middle East and large parts of
  • flow
    Check out flOw , a beautiful intuitive game set in "an abstract aquatic world inviting the player to dive in, to learn, to explore, to survive..." There is little instruct
  • the dark eye
    Bit of a halting experience, playing the 12 year old cd-rom adventure game ' The Dark Eye ', but still great for its haunting atmosphere. Based on three Edgar Alan Poe sto
  • skyroads
    The classic and highly addictive game SkyRoads , now in an online Flash version: SWFRoads . Great soundtrack too!
  • new year's resolutions, pt. 2
    Stop playing this stupid little game called ' lines ' -- however addictive and brilliant in its simplicity. (For those who want to try: five in a row with six colors again

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