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  • how much globalization can we bear?
    In 2003, German philosopher Rüdiger Safranski published a little book with the intriguing title: 'How much globalization can we bear?' ('Wieviel Globalisierung verträgt de
  • a monstrous, cheating lure
    "To all whom it concerns, let it be known: Who hath this note, a thousand crowns doth own. As certain pledge thereof shall stand Vast buried treasure in the Emperor's land
  • the master and margarita
    The Gospel has been the subject of many literary interpretations in the 20th century - famous examples that come to mind are Kazantzakis' ' The Last Temptation of Christ '
  • you, the living
    Reviewing Roy Andersson 's new film, ' You, the Living ' ('Du Levande'), inevitably means comparing it to his previous masterpiece ' Songs from the Second Floor '. To a la
  • berlin slogans
    More to follow. First, off to Mexico... Update: The above neon cry, in front of Berlin's Deutsches Theater , is of course a quote from Goethe 's ' Faust ' (as was kindly p
  • lord marquis
    Mephistopheles: Old bag of bones, can you not recognize You lord and master, here before your eyes? You scare-crow, what shall hold my sentence back, That blots you out, y
  • mephisto
    The adaptation of ' Mephisto ', which had its premiere tonight at the Leidse Schouwburg , made for a thoughtful theatre experience held together by a great group of actors

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