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  • the golem
    Gustav Meyrink 's 1915 novel 'The Golem' is a classic of fantastic and expressionist fiction. Imagine Kafka (a friend of Meyrink's) writing ' Frankenstein ' (published onl
  • the dark eye
    Bit of a halting experience, playing the 12 year old cd-rom adventure game ' The Dark Eye ', but still great for its haunting atmosphere. Based on three Edgar Alan Poe sto
  • boy in darkness
    Mervyn Peake 's novella 'Boy in Darkness' is a little-known addition to the famous Gormenghast trilogy. Published (oddly enough) as a children's book, it is a sketchy but
  • cryptical arabesques
    H.P. Lovecraft , one of the grandfathers of horror stories (and probably one of the few writers that can be called gothic and baroque at the same time), turns out to be qu

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