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  • idfa doclab: do not touch
    From an oilfield boomtown documentary that is also a sims game, to a crowdsourced music video that makes your cursor part of a swarm - this year's Doclab program at the In
  • a phony doc
    ' Salinger ' is the kind of documentary you have to be glad the famous writer didn't live to see. The sensational tone, bombastic music and papparazzi zoom lenses all add
  • idfa doclab: insitu
    The Doclab program at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam provides an annual harvest of interactive documentaries from around the world, and is a great w
  • idfa's doclab: documentary storytelling
    An eclectic harvest at this year's DocLab , the new media program of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam , focusing on new forms of documentary storytell
  • idfa '08
    Not having seen much of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - except the morbid mafia of ' Necrobusiness ' - luckily documentaries increasingly embrace the we
  • entrepeneurial madness
    The documentary Georgi and the Butterflies (winner of the Silver Wolf at IDFA '04) is the bittersweet portrait of Georgi Lulchev, director of a Bulgarian psychiatric insti
  • idfa '04
    For those of us who are busy missing the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and the concurrent Shadow Festival , here are some links to a variety of docs yo

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