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  • iffr: wild
    The International Film Festival Rotterdam presented the European premiere of German director Nicolette Krebitz' new film ' Wild ', which she introduced to the audience as
  • iffr: bitter lake
    Adam Curtis' new documentary got a world cinema premiere at IFFR as part of the Signals: Everyday Propaganda program. In his trademark style, narrated as a history of idea
  • timbuktu renaissance
    A hopeful companion to Abderrahmane Sissako's ' Timbuktu ' (2014), currently showing at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is a small exhibition at Brussels' Bozar
  • iffr: the fall of the romanov dynasty
    A challenging close of the IFFR on Saturday with a Grand Talk program that consisted of a screening of the 1927 USSR propaganda film ' The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty ', G
  • iffr: trap street
    Did Vivian Qu, writer and director of ' Trap Street ' ('Shui Yinjie', 2014) ever read Kafka's ' The Castle '? It would have been interesting to ask her, but she wasn't pre
  • iffr: manuscripts don't burn
    Modern Iranian cinema, always prominently present at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is known for its poetic, metaphorical storytelling, beloved by Western audi
  • iffr: ziba
    Looking back on the Signals: Inside Iran program of the Rotterdam Film Festival, a film that stood out in the rich variety of Iranian cinema harvest - from the scathingly
  • iffr: les chevaux de dieu
    A highlight at the IFFR, Nabil Ayouch's ' Les Chevaux de Dieu ' ('Horses of God') is a chilling investigation of the motives of Muslim extremist suicide bombers. Based on
  • iffr: rhino season
    A fitting start of the International Film Festival Rotterdam with Bahman Ghobadi's new film ' Rhino Season ', a dark and haunting tragedy based on the life of Kurdish poet
  • iffr: map
    'Map' by German artist Aram Bartholl was part of this year's Signals: For Real program at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which focused on the increasingly blur
  • iffr: sudoeste
    The most cinematically rewarding film seen so far at the International Film Festival Rotterdam is the Tiger nominated ' Sudoeste ' ('Southwest'), directed by Eduardo Nunes
  • iffr: illégal
    Lots of heavy drama on the closing day of IFFR , with ' Tyrannosaur ', ' Incendies ' and ' Illégal ' in a row. The last one, a furious indictment of the Belgian asylum sys
  • iffr: the mill and the cross
    Sunday evening at the IFFR saw the European premiere of an interesting cinematic experiment, with Lech Majewski 's ' The Mill and the Cross '. In stunning detail, the film
  • iffr: qarantina
    After ' Son of Babylon ', another heartfelt and beautifully shot production coming from Iraq is ' Qarantina ', which had its European premiere this weekend at the Internat
  • as slow as possible
    Though this is a belated post on the short documentary ' Es wird einmal gewesen sein ', which screened at IFFR , there is plenty of time to write about its subject - 630 y
  • iffr: time code
    On Sunday the IFFR offered a chance to revisit a classic of digital filmmaking with Mike Figgis ' ' Time Code ' (2000). A decade later, its formal innovation is still insp
  • iffr: no one knows about persian cats
    Iranian-Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi returns to the IFFR with ' No One Knows About Persian Cats ', a rare and exciting look into the underground music scene of Tehran.
  • iffr: hadewijch
    Modern mysticism at the International Film Festival Rotterdam , with Bruno Dumont 's new film ' Hadewijch ', a thoughtful meditation as austere and introspective as its tr
  • iffr: aspect ratio
    The ' Aspect Ratio ' exhibition in Tent , part of the IFFR , takes as its point of departure the 1977 classic ' Powers of 10 '. Inspired by the Dutch book ' Cosmic View '
  • iffr: kan door huid heen
    Esther Rots ' debut feature ' Kan door huid heen ' ('Can Go Through Skin') has its official premiere at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival , but it was screened out of comp
  • iffr: the sound of insects
    Peter Liechti 's ' The Sound of Insects - Record of a Mummy ', which had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival on Saturday, might well be the longest death sce
  • iffr tigers
    As the 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam kicks off with a brand new tiger logo, here's a comparison with its tigers from the past. From the old, melancholy tiger
  • iffr: das herz ist ein dunkler wald
    A highlight at the Rotterdam Film Festival , ' Das Herz ist ein dunkler Wald ' ('The Heart is a dark Forest'), directed by Nicolette Krebitz , is a modern German retelling
  • iffr: modell 5
    Already over a decade old, Granular Synthesis' 1996 installation ' Modell 5 ' still makes for an incredibly intense audiovisual experience. It was shown at V2 during this
  • iffr: come back africa
    A bit of an anomaly at the Rotterdam Film Festival , the 1959 fictionalized documentary ' Come Back Africa ' (directed by independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin ), which pro
  • iffr: milky way
    As a personal kickoff of this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam , the Hungarian ' Milky Way ' ('Tejút'), directed by Benedek Fliegauf , proved to be a fascinati
  • iffr: half moon
    Saving the best for last at the Film Festival Rotterdam , with Bahman Ghobadi 's new film ' Half Moon ' ('Niwemang'). Two years after his heart-wrenching ' Turtles Can Fly
  • iffr: build a ship, sail to sadness
    Another road movie and another poetic title at the Film Festival Rotterdam , with Laurin Federlein 's debut film 'Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness'. It is perhaps best summed
  • iffr: scream of the ants
    The Rotterdam Film Festival is always a good place for Iranian cinema. Tehran was one of this year's hot spots , and there was also master-in-exile Mohsen Makhmalbaf 's ne
  • iffr: the paper will be blue
    First of only a couple of films seen at the International Film Festival Rotterdam this week was ' The Paper Will Be Blue ' ('Hirtia va fi Albastra'), a darkly humorous doc
  • iffr: nyócker!
    A fitting Friday night surprise film at the IFFR , the Hungarian animated feature ' Nyócker! ' ('The District!') combines energetic and satirical entertainment, a fresh vi
  • iffr: full or empty
    ' Full or empty ' ('Gol ya pouch'), by director Abolfazl Jalili , is another one of those delightful Iranian films that clothe sharp social commentary in lighthearted humo
  • iffr: the piano tuner of earthquakes
    ' The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes ' is the second feature by the Quay Brothers (how do you one-link these twins? Oh well: Stephen & Timothy ). Though slightly more accessib
  • iffr: klimt
    The director's cut of ' Klimt ', the new film by Raúl Ruiz , starring John Malkovich , had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival . As emphasized by Ruiz, the f
  • iffr: terry riley
    Closing event of the Rotterdam Film Festival 's Exploding Cinema -- otherwise of, ehm, varied quality this year -- was a rare European concert by the 69 year old founding
  • iffr: illumination
    "Illumination" is the impressive debut of Pascale Breton, awarded a critic's prize in Rotterdam . Set in the wild and forbidding landscape of Bretagne, it tells the story
  • iffr: innocence
    Okay, a film festival like Rotterdam is a gamble. For every pearl there's a swine (or something). But does it have to be this bad? The French "Innocence" is, pffh... "Snow
  • iffr: turtles can fly
    "Turtles Can Fly" is Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi 's new film (after "A Time for Drunken Horses"), and the first film to be made in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussei
  • iffr: midwinter night's dream
    The most powerful film at the Rotterdam Film Festival so far comes from Serbian director Goran Paskaljevic. "Midwinter Night's Dream" is a bleak yet sensitive drama set in
  • iffr: story undone
    Only at the Rotterdam Film Festival will you find yourself in a late night Q&A entirely conducted in Farsi. Iranian director Hassan Yektapanah explains his film ' Story Un
  • mythical proportions
    After some comments on my Skype profile photo, i did another search today on the film the photo is from, the Hungarian film Hagyjállógva Vászka (Vaska Easoff), directed by

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