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  • be passers-by
    The massive gate to the Mughal ghost-palace of Fatehpur Sikri , the Buland Darwaza , contains a curious Christian inscription - or rather, an Islamic inscription quoting J
  • the mind made a swing
    Between the poles of the conscious and the unconscious, there has the mind made a swing: Thereon hang all beings and all worlds, and that swing never ceases its sway. Mill
  • pilgrims
    One more Roerich, titled 'Pilgrims' - this one by Svetoslav Roerich , son of Nicholas , who continued painting in a similar vein, though perhaps more fully ' Indianized '.
  • study of mountains
    The dozen or so versions of 'Study of Mountains' represent Russian painter Nicholas Roerich 's mystical visions of the Himalaya peaks at their starkest, barest essence: pl
  • naggar deodars
    On the lower mountain slope, the village and ancient regional capital of Naggar presides over the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by orchards and forests of m
  • rishikesh ads
    The town of Rishikesh lies in the Himalaya foothills, where the river Ganges comes flowing out of the mountains. Since gaining fame in the West as the retreat of a certain
  • varanasi dawn
    Varanasi, formerly Benares, also Kashi, the Hindu holy city has since time immemorial worshipped the river goddess Ganga from its ghats . Not surprisingly, the most auspic
  • mughal flowers
    The Indo-Perso-Islamic culture of the Mughal empire left much celebrated architecture, including the palaces of Delhi's Red Fort and Agra Fort as well as one of the most f
  • mumbai slogans
    A sample of Mumbaikar humor...
  • mumbai skies
    Mumbai's peninsular, tropical location on the Arabian sea creating some impressive skyscapes...
  • indian infinity
    India is all about infinity - an infinity of gods and myths, beliefs and languages, races and cultures; in everything, and everywhere one looks, there is this dizzying end
  • bombay to mumbai
    When the city of Bombay was renamed into Mumbai in 1995, it was a different kind of name change than, say, Peking to Beijing. Rather than correcting pronunciation, the cit
  • the mahabharata
    The Indian Mahabharata has been called the longest epic in the world. Spanning over 74.000 Sanskrit verses (about ten times the length of the Iliad and Odyssey combined!),

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