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  • be passers-by
    The massive gate to the Mughal ghost-palace of Fatehpur Sikri , the Buland Darwaza , contains a curious Christian inscription - or rather, an Islamic inscription quoting J
  • timbuktu renaissance
    A hopeful companion to Abderrahmane Sissako's ' Timbuktu ' (2014), currently showing at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is a small exhibition at Brussels' Bozar
  • iffr: les chevaux de dieu
    A highlight at the IFFR, Nabil Ayouch's ' Les Chevaux de Dieu ' ('Horses of God') is a chilling investigation of the motives of Muslim extremist suicide bombers. Based on
  • iffr: hadewijch
    Modern mysticism at the International Film Festival Rotterdam , with Bruno Dumont 's new film ' Hadewijch ', a thoughtful meditation as austere and introspective as its tr
  • al-mahdi
    "What inferno, what terrible plague or huge massacre or catastrophic earthquake is needed to make those people stop and look around them, to contemplate in silence what te
  • the simorgh
    It's a bit weird to use a spoiler warning when reviewing a book that's over 800 years old. But ' The Conference of the Birds ' ('Mantiq at-Ta'ir'), by twelfth century Sufi
  • morocco: gnawa
    Back to Morocco, where the traditional music of gnawa , or gnaoua, provides a fascinating representation of the different ethnic and religious groups that have shaped it.
  • la convivencia
    The period known as La Convivencia refers to the peaceful coexistence of Muslems, Jews and Christians during the Moorish reign of al-Andalus (Spain), between 711 and 1492.
  • tales of the alhambra
    The swan song of the Moors in Europe, the 14th century Alhambra palace remains suffused with exotic mystery. Located on a hilltop overlooking Granada , its fortified walls
  • god is in the details
    The absolute highlight of the Persia exhibition in the Hermitage Amsterdam was its collection of medieval manuscripts and miniatures . Unfortunately, due to their fragilit
  • chinese art and greek art
    Following up on my earlier post on Pamuk's 'The Black Book', it appears the story about the competition between the two painters was inspired by a poem by Jalal ad-Din Muh
  • the black book
    This post is not about Paul Verhoeven's film but about Orhan Pamuk 's novel ' The Black Book ' ('Kara Kitap'). As a caleidoscopic, metaphysical detective novel, 'The Black
  • the chance of humming
    A man standing on two logs in a river might do all right floating with the current while humming in the now. Though if one log is tied to a camel, who is also heading sout
  • jihad?
    To Westerners [the word jihad ] conjures scenes of screaming fanatics being egged into war by promises that they will be instantly transported to heaven if they are slain.

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