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  • jazzed
    Another favorite at the Dutch Film Festival was the Flemish short animation 'Jazzed', by Anton Setola . Following a jazz musician on a riotous night out, the story, set to
  • bein' green
    North Sea Jazz hasn't been an exclusively jazz festival for a long time, expanding ever further into soul, funk, blues, world music and catch-all 'fusion'. By now, in its
  • glass & zoo
    Surprisingly little of the work of Bert Haanstra , the old Dutch master of poetic documentaries, is available online. There is a collected works DVD box , but why isn't th
  • begone dull care
    As a tribute to Oscar Peterson , here's a unique vizualisation of his legendary piano work: an abstract animation called ' Begone Dull Care ' (1949) by experimental filmma
  • crystallized music
    Cool animation visualizing a jazz piece by John Coltrane , 'Giant Steps' ('59). The structural approach of John Coltrane to music is associated with architectural thinking

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