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  • catherine's room
    While video art is often associated with badly lit conceptualism shown in rooms with nowhere to sit, Bill Viola has long proven that there is indeed a fascinating space to
  • dutch light
    While on the subject of observing Holland , another interesting documentary is ' Dutch Light ' ('Hollands Licht', 2003), investigating the myth of the unique quality of li
  • vermeer & van meegeren
    Two small but interesting exhibitions related to Johannes Vermeer ... The Mauritshuis hosts ' The Young Vermeer ', bringing together three of his early works: ' Diana and
  • woman holding a balance
    On a rare loan from Washington DC, Johannes Vermeer 's ' Woman Holding a Balance ' ('Dame met weegschaal') is on display at the Rijksmuseum , along with ' The Milkmaid ' (
  • finding lost time
    Finally saw the last episode of the awesome four part theatre adaptation of Marcel Proust 's ' À la Recherche du Temps Perdu ' by the Ro Theater . All directed by Guy Cass
  • little patch of yellow wall
    Visiting the Mauritshuis today to see the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' for real (as reality follows blog posts these days), I was struck by that other Vermeer , hanging acr
  • mona lisa of the north
    However beautifully evoking Vermeer 's 17th century Delft light, you might not want to see the film ' Girl with a Pearl Earring '... It might just spoil her mysterious Mon

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