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  • ultra-humanity
    In ' The Story of My Heart ' (1883) Richard Jefferies coined the term ultra-humanity to describe how ...a great part, perhaps the whole, of nature and of the universe is d
  • equilibrist
    I see an adder and, a yard away, a butterfly being gorgeous. I switch the radio from tortures in foreign prisons to a sonata of Schubert (that foreigner). I crawl from the
  • the nature of nature
    In one of his last essays, 'The Nature of Nature' (1995), John Fowles returned to the theme of ' The Tree ', the importance of nature in his life and work, as well as for
  • the tree
    ...an experience whose deepest value lies in the fact that it cannot be directly described by any art... including that of words. In his long essay 'The Tree' (1979), John
  • wistman's wood
    Names, science, history... not even the most adamantly down-to-earth botanist thinks of species and ecologies when he or she first stands at Wistman's Wood. It is too stra
  • the undercliff
    There runs, between Lyme Regis and Axmouth six miles to the west, one of the strangest coastal landscapes in Southern England. From the air it is not very striking; one no

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