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  • the simorgh
    It's a bit weird to use a spoiler warning when reviewing a book that's over 800 years old. But ' The Conference of the Birds ' ('Mantiq at-Ta'ir'), by twelfth century Sufi
  • the encyclopedia of the dead
    For fans of the vertiginous fictions of Borges , the short story collection 'The Encyclopedia of the Dead' by Serbian writer Danilo Kiš is worth checking out. Kiš, greatly
  • tarzan vs. ibm
    As Nouvelle Vague 's venture into science fiction, Jean-Luc Godard 's ' Alphaville ' (1965) is still a fascinating piece of conceptual (as opposed to spectacular) sci-fi.
  • time, pt. 3
    'An ivory labyrinth!' I exclaimed. 'A minimum labyrinth.' 'A labyrinth of symbols,' he corrected. 'An invisible labyrinth of time.' From "The Garden of Forking Paths" - Jo

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