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  • the man who planted trees
    Discovering this story resembles its narrator, walking "in that ancient region where the Alps thrust down into Provence" and stumbling on 'The Man Who Planted Trees', or '
  • rock and hawk
    Here is a symbol in which Many high tragic thoughts Watch their own eyes. This gray rock, standing tall On the headland, where the seawind Lets no tree grow, Earthquake-pr
  • a philosophy of walking
    ...there is the promise of meeting a freedom head-on as an outer limit of the self and of the human, an internal overflowing of a rebellious Nature that goes beyond you. W
  • dersu uzala
    Dersu Uzala was a Siberian nomadic hunter whose friendship with Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev inspired a book and two films. The films combine Dersu's wilderness lore
  • meerdaalwoud
    Just south of Leuven, the Meerdaalwoud along with the adjacent Heverleebos makes up the largest woodland of Flemish Belgium. The area is more varied than the Sonian Forest
  • landscapes of belgium
    ' Landscapes of Belgium ' in Brussels' Museum of Ixelles offers "a new vision of landscapes in Belgian art from 1830 to the present day". Its thematic setup is comparable
  • urban wildflowers
    A small area of urban wilderness on an abandoned railway embankment in Rotterdam Spangen .
  • the midsummer hum
    Boom! They started. Mark lifted his spear, Bevis his bow. A deep, low, and slow sound, like thunder, toned from its many mutterings to a mighty sob, filled their ears for
  • sonian forest
    The Sonian Forest (Zoniënwoud, Forêt de Soignes) stretches south of Brussels in vast tracts of cathedral-like beechwood, not unlike the Klever Reichswald , except the city
  • study of mountains
    The dozen or so versions of 'Study of Mountains' represent Russian painter Nicholas Roerich 's mystical visions of the Himalaya peaks at their starkest, barest essence: pl
  • staging silence ii
    In his short film ' Staging Silence II ' (2013), Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck creates and destroys model worlds with godlike obsession. The sheer artificiality of these
  • letters from holland
    Only a few years after Aldous Huxley wrote about his travels in Holland , Czech writer Karel Čapek devoted a whole book to the country: 'Letters from Holland' ('Obrázky z
  • the tree
    ...an experience whose deepest value lies in the fact that it cannot be directly described by any art... including that of words. In his long essay 'The Tree' (1979), John
  • views of holland
    In 'Along the Road' (1925) a young Aldous Huxley collected 'Notes and Essays of a Tourist', which contains a rather charming description of a visit to the lowlands. Overal
  • dutch skies
    The summer exhibition ' Sky! - in Dutch Art since 1850 ' in De Hallen, Haarlem, brings together paintings along with photography, sculpture and video work, all dealing wit
  • klever reichswald
    The Klever Reichswald , a great stretch of dark beechwood between Nijmegen and Kleef, where the Dutch LAW 6 ends and the path continues as the European E8 .
  • wistman's wood
    Names, science, history... not even the most adamantly down-to-earth botanist thinks of species and ecologies when he or she first stands at Wistman's Wood. It is too stra
  • the undercliff
    There runs, between Lyme Regis and Axmouth six miles to the west, one of the strangest coastal landscapes in Southern England. From the air it is not very striking; one no
  • landscape time
    For a very different experience of time, not halting in suffocation like siesta time but meditatively flowing in the endless cycle of the seasons, have a look at these lan
  • planned landscapes
    Exploring "the effect our culture has on landscape," Ger Dekkers ' photo book 'Planned Landscapes: 25 Horizons' (1977) shows the Dutch polder landscape at its starkest, ab
  • timeless tranquility
    Chinese artist Li Xin's large landscape paintings explore that strange borderland where representation becomes abstraction and the depth of a mountain vista can turn into
  • the philosophy of landscape
    A very different exhibition in Brussels this summer is the BOZAR's ' Sense of Place - European Landscape Photography ', which shows a range of creative strategies of photo
  • dutch light
    While on the subject of observing Holland , another interesting documentary is ' Dutch Light ' ('Hollands Licht', 2003), investigating the myth of the unique quality of li

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