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  • pineta of calvi
    Escher's woodcut 'Pineta of Calvi' (1932), a view of the citadel of Calvi, Corsica, is a fine example of his earlier, more realistic work that already contains many of the
  • escher's trees
    Much of M.C. Escher's graphic work explores the boundaries between the concrete and the abstract, between representation and pattern, depth and surface, form and ground. H
  • escher & the droste effect
    One more on Escher... An old favorite site is ' Escher and the Droste effect ', presenting a mathematical analysis of Escher's 'Print Gallery' ('Prentententoonstelling', 1
  • escher in lego
    Some more Escher... Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu have been building Escher prints in Lego, including ' Balcony ', ' Ascending and Descending ' and ' Waterfall '. While mo
  • escher's metamorphoses
    What I didn't know: there are three different versions of M.C. Escher 's wall-covering woodcut 'Metamorphosis'. Interesting to see the development of this work, which seem
  • tales of the alhambra
    The swan song of the Moors in Europe, the 14th century Alhambra palace remains suffused with exotic mystery. Located on a hilltop overlooking Granada , its fortified walls

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