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  • mr loftus
    What is your wilderness? I have my own. It has no boundaries, but shifts its grey And crumbling landscapes through my skull, Shuffles them, while I stand, and stirs the da
  • the cave
    Each day is a glass room that we must smash in order to break through into a landscape, and be involved. To be involved is to be alive. Well-known for his prose, poetry, i
  • each day we live is a glass room
    I Each day we live is a glass room Until we break it with the thrusting Of the spirit and pass through The splintered walls to the green pastures Where the birds and buds
  • o'er seas that have no beaches
    O'er seas that have no beaches To end their waves upon, I floated with twelve peaches, A sofa and a swan. The blunt waves crashed above us The sharp waves burst around, Th
  • household tales illustrations
    Besides writing the Ghormenghast trilogy and other novels and stories , Mervyn Peake also worked as a visual artist, illustrating his own books as well as classics such as
  • boy in darkness
    Mervyn Peake 's novella 'Boy in Darkness' is a little-known addition to the famous Gormenghast trilogy. Published (oddly enough) as a children's book, it is a sketchy but

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