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  • iffr: les chevaux de dieu
    A highlight at the IFFR, Nabil Ayouch's ' Les Chevaux de Dieu ' ('Horses of God') is a chilling investigation of the motives of Muslim extremist suicide bombers. Based on
  • trances
    Some more Moroccan cinema... ' Trances ' ('Al-Hal', 1981) is a vintage documentary about the legendary group ' Nass El Ghiwane '. Formed in the late '60s in Casablanca, th
  • heaven's doors
    Heaven's Doors ('Abwab ul-Jinnah', 2006), the feature debut of the brothers Swel and Imad Noury, has been called "absurdly ambitious". Which it certainly is - creating a k
  • the voices of marrakesh
    In 1952 Elias Canetti , best known for his novel ' Auto-da-Fé ' and his study ' Crowds and Power ', visited Marrakesh with a British film company. (Would be interesting to
  • morocco: gnawa
    Back to Morocco, where the traditional music of gnawa , or gnaoua, provides a fascinating representation of the different ethnic and religious groups that have shaped it.
  • morocco: essaouira
    After the sand dunes of the Sahara and the beehive of Marrakesh, the lazy Atlantic coastal town of Essaouira provides yet another of Morocco's many contrasts. Named Mogado
  • morocco: marrakesh
    The old medina of Marrakesh stretches the concept of a city to its very limit with a labyrinthine density of alleyways and souks , donkeys and scooters, veiled women and h
  • morocco: m'hamid
    On the edge of the Sahara, at the end of the asphalt road, lies the sleepy town of M'Hamid (with the h pronounced with excessive aspiration), where the camel caravans used
  • off to morocco

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