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  • monkey minds in the devil's time
    Labeling music political seems to have become faintly distasteful, but Steve Mason (formerly of the Beta Band ) aims straight for it on 'Monkey Minds in the Devil's Time'
  • githead
    Long under the radar, this 'side project' with members including Colin Newman (Wire) and Robin Rimbaud ( Scanner , here on guitar) has already churned out four albums sinc
  • reality poem
    Dis is di age af reality But some a wi a deal wid mitalagy Dis is di age af science an' teknalagy But some a wi check fi antiquity W'en wi can't face reality Wi leggo wi c
  • come up for air
    A chance discovery, Norwegian band The White Birch, who named themselves after a Codeine album. Their 2006 album 'Come Up For Air' would probably be labelled chamber pop,
  • gaaasp
    Life's too short so I've got to make haste and I don't want to get old and be a wasteman No these new shoes need pace, man Break this ball and chain round my waist and Ple
  • the shallows
    With their latest and lightest album ' The Shallows ', postrock band I Like Trains - or iLiKETRAiNS as they used to say - has taken their preoccupation with history and ap
  • that's the way
    That's the way the stomach rumbles That's the way the bee bumbles That's the way the needle pricks That's the way the glue sticks That's the way the potato mashes That's t
  • amadou & mariam
    A treat from Mali on Monday, seeing Amadou & Mariam live in the Melkweg. For well over two decades this blind couple of musicians have blended traditional Malian and Weste
  • tamikrest
    In the wake of Tinariwen 's success, other Touareg bands have started to appear over the past few years. After Terakaft at the Amsterdam Roots Festival last week, this wee
  • your soul and mine
    ...if you see the vulture coming flying circles in your mind; Remember, there is no escaping for he will follow close behind. Only promise me a battle for your soul and mi
  • candle song
    It's Christmas again so we lit all the candles And we tried to pretend that your room was a palace But we can't seem to shake off the fear That nothing is different, that
  • bonnie and clyde
    Vous avez lu l'histoire De Jesse James Comment il vécu Comment il est mort Ça vous a plus hein Vous en d'mandez encore Et bien Ecoutez l'histoire De Bonnie and Clyde Alors
  • copyclash
    ' Copyclash ' at Roodkapje , which opened on Sunday, offers some interesting arguments in the copyright vs. copyleft debate. Curated by Trailer, who also published an acco
  • pennies from heaven
    A long time ago, a million years BC The best things in life were absolutely free But no one appreciated a sky that was always blue And no one congratulated a moon that was
  • as slow as possible
    Though this is a belated post on the short documentary ' Es wird einmal gewesen sein ', which screened at IFFR , there is plenty of time to write about its subject - 630 y
  • iffr: no one knows about persian cats
    Iranian-Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi returns to the IFFR with ' No One Knows About Persian Cats ', a rare and exciting look into the underground music scene of Tehran.
  • the whitest boy alive
    Quite unexpectedly, and after a lukewarm start, The Whitest Boy Alive in Paradiso on Tuesday turned into one of the most exciting concerts of the year, contagious, danceab
  • maqam
    For some electronic sounds like you've never heard before, check out the new Minz track 'Maqam', from his ' Back to Móstoles ' EP. An epic nine minute piece, it slowly bui
  • do something real
    Do something real sidewalks chasing citizens racing do something real bloodhounds closing in on opposing men do something real crows like rats like cats on vacation do som
  • oblique strategies
    In 1975, musician Brian Eno and painter Peter Schmidt created a deck of cards containing short statements or questions. Called ' Oblique Strategies , over one hundred wort
  • jazzed
    Another favorite at the Dutch Film Festival was the Flemish short animation 'Jazzed', by Anton Setola . Following a jazz musician on a riotous night out, the story, set to
  • trances
    Some more Moroccan cinema... ' Trances ' ('Al-Hal', 1981) is a vintage documentary about the legendary group ' Nass El Ghiwane '. Formed in the late '60s in Casablanca, th
  • the xx
    Lots of praise going out to a bunch of 20-year-olds from London, as after their singles ' Crystalised ' and ' Basic Space ' The xx finally released their debut album 'xx'.
  • how to be invisible
    Kate Bush has a great homespun recipe for invisibility, from her latest album, ' Aerial '. The main ingredient: "a pinch of keyhole". I found a book on how to be invisible
  • in b flat
    In B Flat is an online collaborative music project with contributions all in b flat , brought together as youTube videos. There's no rhythm, just sounds, so you can play a
  • bat for lashes
    With one of the coolest names around and an equally original voice, Bat for Lashes is carving out a genre all of her own. Her 2006 debut, 'Fur and Gold', already earned he
  • 100 films
    Bit of an abstract milestone, but the previous post marked the 100th entry tagged with film on this blog. That's 100 reviews (well, not quite, some are just quotes or link
  • running with the beast
    Great stylized aggression in this music video for 'dirt rock' band zZz 's ' Running with the Beast ', from their same-titled new album. Directed by Roel Wouters , the vide
  • auditorium
    Auditorium is a very elegant puzzle game by cipher prime . In a kind of playful synesthysia, the goal is to create music by directing colored light beams. With a visually
  • bleeder
    Emiliana Torrini , the Icelandic Italian singer with the angelic voice, proved herself a talkative entertainer at Paradiso last night, chatting and joking in between her m
  • tinariwen
    Just when you think you've heard it all, guitar-wise, a band like Tinariwen comes along sounding completely different. Even though they've adopted the electric guitar, the
  • everything that happens
    Curious new collaboration by David Byrne and Brian Eno , almost 30 years after ' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts '. Their new album, called ' Everything That Happens Will Ha
  • bein' green
    North Sea Jazz hasn't been an exclusively jazz festival for a long time, expanding ever further into soul, funk, blues, world music and catch-all 'fusion'. By now, in its
  • morocco: gnawa
    Back to Morocco, where the traditional music of gnawa , or gnaoua, provides a fascinating representation of the different ethnic and religious groups that have shaped it.
  • illusions
    Another classic but lesser-known Billy Wilder film, ' A Foreign Affair ' (1948) was criticized when it came out for "moral bankruptcy", but seeing it today it's the film's
  • glass & zoo
    Surprisingly little of the work of Bert Haanstra , the old Dutch master of poetic documentaries, is available online. There is a collected works DVD box , but why isn't th
  • galaxie 500
    Having recently rediscovered Galaxie 500 , it's amazing to find how undated their music still sounds, and how little known they remain. As has often been remarked before,
  • the thousand yard stare
    ...crackle-drenched yearning and bustling syncopations haunted by the ghosts of rave... ...weird soul music, hypersoul, lovingly processing spectral female voices into vap
  • iffr: modell 5
    Already over a decade old, Granular Synthesis' 1996 installation ' Modell 5 ' still makes for an incredibly intense audiovisual experience. It was shown at V2 during this
  • iffr: come back africa
    A bit of an anomaly at the Rotterdam Film Festival , the 1959 fictionalized documentary ' Come Back Africa ' (directed by independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin ), which pro
  • begone dull care
    As a tribute to Oscar Peterson , here's a unique vizualisation of his legendary piano work: an abstract animation called ' Begone Dull Care ' (1949) by experimental filmma
  • selling plastic vs. music
    In two Wired articles, David Byrne talks with Thom Yorke , Brian Eno and others about the shifting business model of music. What is called the music business today (...) i
  • how fortunate the man with none
    You saw sagacious Solomon You know what came of him, To him complexities seemed plain. He cursed the hour that gave birth to him And saw that everything was vain. How grea
  • ambient music
    By now a sprawling genre of electronic music - characterized by a very fine and wavery line between boring and soaring - the idea of ambient music has an intriguing histor
  • singing in tongues
    It'll be hard to put into words the experience of seeing Lisa Gerrard live, last night at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg (not your ideal concert venue, but with Nighttown clos
  • sweeney todd
    Man: Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. He shaved the faces of gentlemen Who never thereafter were heard of again. He trod a path that
  • control
    Who better to make a film about Joy Division and its troubled lead singer Ian Curtis than photographer Anton Corbijn ? In 1979 the band's music inspired Corbijn to move to
  • good copy bad copy
    An interesting Danish documentary on the friction between copyright and creativity, ' Good Copy Bad Copy ' cites free culture movements ranging from Sweden's Pirate Bay to
  • ladysmith black mambazo
    Legendary South-African choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo have had a prolific career since being formed by Joseph Shabalala in the '60s. After collaborating with Paul S
  • love in the time of science
    Slightly bizarre going to Mexico to discover music from Iceland... But Emiliana Torrini 's 'Love in the Time of Science' (from '99) proved to be the perfect soundtrack for
  • minz un/mute ep
    Finally out, Minz ' debut 'Un/mute EP' ( Perspectiv Records ) is self-described "deep electronic dance music with attention to detail, influenced by techno, house, acid an
  • motel mozaïque 2007
    At Rotterdam music festival Motel Mozaïque , discovery of the weekend was Norwegian 120 Days , with some intense, sweeping electronic rock influenced by Spacemen 3 , kraut
  • iffr: half moon
    Saving the best for last at the Film Festival Rotterdam , with Bahman Ghobadi 's new film ' Half Moon ' ('Niwemang'). Two years after his heart-wrenching ' Turtles Can Fly
  • iffr: build a ship, sail to sadness
    Another road movie and another poetic title at the Film Festival Rotterdam , with Laurin Federlein 's debut film 'Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness'. It is perhaps best summed
  • old joy
    Kelly Reichardt 's ' Old Joy ' is a subtle meditation on the transience of friendship and youthful ideals. So subtle, in fact, that most of its underlying drama remains im
  • skyroads
    The classic and highly addictive game SkyRoads , now in an online Flash version: SWFRoads . Great soundtrack too!
  • resfest 10
    Already in its tenth edition, Resfest now tours 43 cities around the world, showcasing new talent and innovation in short films, animation, music videos and motion design.
  • yo la tengo
    Yo La Tengo need little introduction, do they? Having been around for almost 20 years now, shunning the commercial spotlight and building an impressively wideranging catal
  • remf: umfeld
    'Umfeld', a surround sound DVD project by techno producer Jochem Paap ( Speedy J ) and filmmaker Scott Pagano , premiered at V2 this weekend as part of the Rotterdam Elect
  • remf: biosphere vs. pierre bastien
    What a contrast, at the Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival , between the performances of Geir Jenssen ( Biosphere ) and Pierre Bastien . The one, Jenssen, bent over his l
  • love detective
    We slept in this morning and she had to get ready in a hurry - no time for her usual attention to detail - and she ran out the door, slamming it behind her, leaving her ke
  • life forms
    Far away from slides-as-art or reality-tv-as-art , the new London Kinetica Museum has an interesting exhibition called 'Life Forms'. Ranging from ingenious machines and ro
  • orchestra baobab
    Recorded in 1982 and rereleased in 2001, 'Pirate's Choice' is the legendary album by Senegalese band Orchestra Baobab , the resident band of night club Baobab in Dakar thr
  • urban zulu
    One more South African discovery: Busi Mhlongo 's awesome album ' Urban Zulu '. As producer Will Mowat said: "This is maskanda for the millennium. Listen and be humbled."
  • klopjag
    South African pop band Klopjag is as cool as their name, and their lyrics in Afrikaans are both clever and endearing (to Dutch speakers). This is 'Rol van die dice', from
  • bush of ghosts
    Cool remix site for ' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts ', the 1981 album by David Byrne and Brian Eno . Update: For some old-school remixing, check out Bruce Connor 's found-
  • who knows where the time goes
    Many versions have been recorded of the song ' Who knows where the time goes ', written by Sandy Denny and sung by her on the Fairport Convention album ' Unhalfbricking '.
  • the lost you
    Brilliant new single from Hood , from the album 'Outside Closer'. Poppier than their usual layered post-rock soundscapes but still pretty weird, flirting with hip-hop beat
  • blue bob
    Sure i knew David Lynch was involved in music, creating soundtracks for his films (' Eraserhead ') and writing lyrics for Julee Cruise (used in ' Twin Peaks ') and Jocelyn
  • entuziazm
    Dziga Vertov 's ' Entuziazm: Simfoniia Donbassa ' ('Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass', 1930) was one of the first sound films in the Soviet Union. If Vertov's classic '
  • englabörn
    Iceland's Jóhann Jóhannsson performed with the Englabörn Ensemble in the Laurenskerk last night, as part of the Reykjavik to Rotterdam festival and the larger Scandinavia
  • cinematic orchestra
    Not sure if i can recommend a soundtrack without having heard it with the film. But this one holds up well enough on its own: The Cinematic Orchestra 's new soundtrack to
  • songs and sounds
    To put on repeat, this addictive little pop song by Dutch duo Solo ! Solo - 'Songs and Sounds' @ 3voor12.vpro.nl
  • crystallized music
    Cool animation visualizing a jazz piece by John Coltrane , 'Giant Steps' ('59). The structural approach of John Coltrane to music is associated with architectural thinking
  • the sound of zzz
    Some real rock 'n roll from Amsterdam - who would've thought! zZz ("pronounce like the French say 'Jazz', without the 'J' and 'A'..."), creates a fresh 'n sleazy racket wi
  • the history of sampling
    Cool web project chronicling the history of sampling in music. Check: jessekriss.com/projects/samplinghistory (You need a Java plugin.)
  • iffr: terry riley
    Closing event of the Rotterdam Film Festival 's Exploding Cinema -- otherwise of, ehm, varied quality this year -- was a rare European concert by the 69 year old founding
  • dutch hope in days of fear
    Admittedly a little late i've only just been discovering the legendary dutch cabaret of Neerlands Hoop in Bange Dagen (1968-1979), formed by Freek de Jonge and the recentl
  • blaseity dinted by tv on the radio
    Not often completely wowed by new music anymore, but this one has been on repeat all weekend: Young Liars EP - TV on the Radio (Something like Soul Coughing meets Peter Ga

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