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  • landscapes of belgium
    ' Landscapes of Belgium ' in Brussels' Museum of Ixelles offers "a new vision of landscapes in Belgian art from 1830 to the present day". Its thematic setup is comparable
  • pilgrims
    One more Roerich, titled 'Pilgrims' - this one by Svetoslav Roerich , son of Nicholas , who continued painting in a similar vein, though perhaps more fully ' Indianized '.
  • study of mountains
    The dozen or so versions of 'Study of Mountains' represent Russian painter Nicholas Roerich 's mystical visions of the Himalaya peaks at their starkest, barest essence: pl
  • dutch skies
    The summer exhibition ' Sky! - in Dutch Art since 1850 ' in De Hallen, Haarlem, brings together paintings along with photography, sculpture and video work, all dealing wit
  • study for a running dog
    The Francis Bacon exhibiton at the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (which ends today) is particularly strong on his early work, or perhaps better: shows how Bacon's early work
  • timeless tranquility
    Chinese artist Li Xin's large landscape paintings explore that strange borderland where representation becomes abstraction and the depth of a mountain vista can turn into
  • dutch horizons
    In 'Fishing for Amber' (1999), his alphabetically ordered yet delightfully unclassifiable tapestry of Irish stories, Dutch history and Ovidian metamorphoses, Ciaran Carson
  • rosy-fingered dawn
    Leaving aside the local opinions on the new wing, the reopened Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam makes accessible again a great collection of 20th century art. One highlight is W
  • head of an apostle
    Raphael's 'Head of an Apostle in The Transfiguration' (1519-20), a preliminary drawing for the painting ' The Transfiguration '. Even a larger image doesn't do justice at
  • oil & mixed media on canvas
    Another meta-painting , seen in Antwerp. (Haven't been able to find out who the artist is.) I wonder what the title of a print of this photograph should be...
  • the cyclops
    In a striking departure from his early works in charcoal , French artist Odilon Redon began producing colorful pastels and oil paintings later in life, replacing his forme
  • catherine's room
    While video art is often associated with badly lit conceptualism shown in rooms with nowhere to sit, Bill Viola has long proven that there is indeed a fascinating space to
  • the guardian spirit of the waters
    The early works in charcoal of French painter and lithographer Odilon Redon gained notoriety after being admired by the hero of Joris-Karl Huysmans ' novel 'Against Nature
  • return of the wanderer
    'Return of the Wanderer', seen in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, is a striking example of Jack Butler Yeats ' later work, when after a career as an illustrator he developed
  • insel hombroich
    In the rolling Rhineland fields near Neuss lies the Museum Insel Hombroich , a spacious park that's also a museum, with both open air sculpture and graphic work housed in
  • mother of god pelagonitissa
    The fifteenth century icon of 'Mother of God Pelagonitissa' is one of the highlights of the exhibition 'Unimagined Beauty' in the Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, which shows
  • weathered art
    As touched on before , Edvard Munch was a relentless experimenter with materials, techniques and styles. Interestingly, he also experimented with letting his paintings "ma
  • the sick child
    The reputation of Edvard Munch has long been dominated by one painting, ' The Scream ', an icon of modern art and claimed symbol for every conceivable kind of modern horro
  • iffr: the mill and the cross
    Sunday evening at the IFFR saw the European premiere of an interesting cinematic experiment, with Lech Majewski 's ' The Mill and the Cross '. In stunning detail, the film
  • this painting is not available in your country
    The painting titled ' This painting is not available in your country ' by Paul Mutant satirizes copyright restrictions and geoblocking in particular. Like a Magritte for t
  • dutch light
    While on the subject of observing Holland , another interesting documentary is ' Dutch Light ' ('Hollands Licht', 2003), investigating the myth of the unique quality of li
  • chichu art museum
    In the context of Art Setouchi , the Chichu Art Museum deserves a separate post. Located on Naoshima , which has been developing as a centre of modern art for years, this
  • vermeer & van meegeren
    Two small but interesting exhibitions related to Johannes Vermeer ... The Mauritshuis hosts ' The Young Vermeer ', bringing together three of his early works: ' Diana and
  • van warmerdam trees
    If you're familiar with Alex van Warmerdam 's films and plays, the current exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam won't offer any big surprises. The majority of the work
  • mondrian's trees
    The exhibition ' CĂ©zanne - Picasso - Mondrian, A new perspective ' at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, which ended this weekend, connected three of the great modernist artists
  • the beach of falesá
    Besides poetry Dylan Thomas wrote prose classics like 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog' and 'Adventures in the Skin Trade'. In the 1940's he also developed several f
  • woman holding a balance
    On a rare loan from Washington DC, Johannes Vermeer 's ' Woman Holding a Balance ' ('Dame met weegschaal') is on display at the Rijksmuseum , along with ' The Milkmaid ' (
  • medusa's head
    Two awesome renderings of Medusa in Florence. One already showed up in the previous post : Cellini 's bronze statue of Perseus holding Medusa's head, in the gallery on the
  • monk by the sea
    Not part of the current Caspar David Friedrich exhibition , unfortunately, is 'Monk by the Sea'. One of Friedrich's most striking, almost Expressionistic (in 1809) evocati
  • on a sailing ship
    The Amsterdam Hermitage currently has a small exhibition of nine paintings and a number of drawings by German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich . Among his wild and
  • wheat field with crows
    One of Akira Kurosawa 's last films, ' Dreams ' ('Yume') is made up of eight dreams from his own life. In the stunning segment called 'Crows', an art student steps into a
  • geertgen tot sint jans
    The 15th century in Dutch painting was that transition period when perspective was not quite understood yet (or maybe just not deemed relevant), painting styles were still
  • ophelia
    John Everett Millais ' ' Ophelia ' is currently on display at the Van Gogh Museum . Based on the scene in ' Hamlet ' of Ophelia drowning (which Shakespeare left open for i
  • stalking hieronymus
    'Stalking Hieronymus' by Belgian painter Hans Vandekerckhove visibly merges two sources of inspiration: Jeroen (or Hieronymus) Bosch ' painting ' St. Jerome at Prayer' and
  • god is in the details
    The absolute highlight of the Persia exhibition in the Hermitage Amsterdam was its collection of medieval manuscripts and miniatures . Unfortunately, due to their fragilit
  • ship of fools
    Jeroen Bosch ' famous ' Ship of Fools ', the medieval allegory of humans wasting their lives in idle pleasures. Less widely known is that the custom of putting the insane
  • le coup au coeur
    The Voici Magritte exhibition in Boijmans shows mainly Magritte 's lesser known drawings and gouaches. Among the many sketches, experiments and variations on his famous pa
  • de monet aux pixels
    Claude Monet famously painted a whole series of Rouen 's Notre Dame Cathedral at different times of day. Half a century later, Roy Lichtenstein made a Pop art version. Now
  • little patch of yellow wall
    Visiting the Mauritshuis today to see the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' for real (as reality follows blog posts these days), I was struck by that other Vermeer , hanging acr
  • mona lisa of the north
    However beautifully evoking Vermeer 's 17th century Delft light, you might not want to see the film ' Girl with a Pearl Earring '... It might just spoil her mysterious Mon

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