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  • landscapes of belgium
    ' Landscapes of Belgium ' in Brussels' Museum of Ixelles offers "a new vision of landscapes in Belgian art from 1830 to the present day". Its thematic setup is comparable
  • dutch skies
    The summer exhibition ' Sky! - in Dutch Art since 1850 ' in De Hallen, Haarlem, brings together paintings along with photography, sculpture and video work, all dealing wit
  • landscape time
    For a very different experience of time, not halting in suffocation like siesta time but meditatively flowing in the endless cycle of the seasons, have a look at these lan
  • planned landscapes
    Exploring "the effect our culture has on landscape," Ger Dekkers ' photo book 'Planned Landscapes: 25 Horizons' (1977) shows the Dutch polder landscape at its starkest, ab
  • yonder
    Shabby, rundown interiors with hints, or hopes, of the natural world outside - ranging from geometrical to Magrittian - in the exhibition ' Yonder ', photographs by Marnix
  • hong kong fog
    Hong Kong in early March, both its iconic skyline and extensive mountain areas (great hiking territory !) shrouded in fog. For proper Hong Kong photography, Michael Wolf's
  • the philosophy of landscape
    A very different exhibition in Brussels this summer is the BOZAR's ' Sense of Place - European Landscape Photography ', which shows a range of creative strategies of photo
  • only you only me
    BIP2012 , short for the 8th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts in Liège, Belgium, has on offer an enjoyably eclectic exploration of the theme 'Images of
  • ars combinatoria
    The work of Spanish photographer Chema Madoz has been described as visual poetry. Full of wit and wonder, it seems to follow Lewis Carroll's advice of looking at the world
  • weathered art
    As touched on before , Edvard Munch was a relentless experimenter with materials, techniques and styles. Interestingly, he also experimented with letting his paintings "ma
  • landscapes with oil
    For over 10 years, Edward Burtynsky has been photographing the global influence of oil. From the vast industrial landscapes of oil fields, oil sands and refineries, to the
  • waiting for a ball
    In 1998, photographer Hans van der Meer published his photo book 'Dutch Fields' ('Hollandse Velden'), a superbly satirical look at amateur football. Its carefully framed i
  • bokeh
    Word of the day: ' bokeh ', Japanese for fuzzy/blurry, and borrowed in English for the aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas in photographs and film, most notable when s
  • throwing self on heap of hay
    One of the founding fathers of modern cinema, Eadweard Muybridge famously introduced motion into photography by pioneering the technique of stop-action photography. (The p
  • creature
    Not normally one for animal photography, the new book ' Creature ' by Andrew Zuckerman struck me as an interesting blend of zoology and art. Hi-res, super-sharp photograph
  • control
    Who better to make a film about Joy Division and its troubled lead singer Ian Curtis than photographer Anton Corbijn ? In 1979 the band's music inspired Corbijn to move to
  • crime scene amsterdam
    The ' Crime Scene Amsterdam ' photo exhibition at Foam shows real crime scenes and real victims from police archives, taken between 1965 and 1985. Looking at these photogr
  • la jetée
    Chris Marker 's famous ciné-roman (film-novel) ' La Jetée ' (1962), only half an hour long and comprised almost entirely of black and white stills, remains one of the best
  • chernobyl
    Haunting photo essay on the horrific, tragic effects of Chernobyl , 20 years later. By Magnum photographer Paul Fusco . Via Kottke .
  • people's poses
    Strange how powerful some of Rineke Dijkstra 's simple, frontal portrait photographs are. Awkward adolescents on the beach or in the park, young soldiers in uniform, blood
  • subbacultures
    An old one, but still great, this photo inventory of subcultures... @ www.exactitudes.com
  • abstract high rise
    Check these amazing photos of Hong Kong high rise. Almost Escher, except people live in it... Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density (Suggested by Jens .)

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