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  • the uncertainty principle
    A play based on quantum physics may sound like a recipe for heady abstraction, but Michael Frayn 's ' Copenhagen ' - ' Kopenhagen ' in the current rendition by Het Nationa
  • quarks
    As a postscript to the previous post , did you know the word quark (the elementary particle) came from James Joyce 's ' Finnegans Wake '? American phycisist Murray Gell-Ma
  • iffr: aspect ratio
    The ' Aspect Ratio ' exhibition in Tent , part of the IFFR , takes as its point of departure the 1977 classic ' Powers of 10 '. Inspired by the Dutch book ' Cosmic View '
  • deaf07: roots
    Another piece at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007 exhibition worth mentioning is ' Roots ', by Austrian artist Roman Kirschner . Like 'Ondulation' ( see before ), it
  • deaf07: ondulation
    At the exhibition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007 in Rotterdam, one interesting piece was ' Ondulation ', by Thomas McIntosh. A "composition for water, sound and
  • kipple
    'Cause i can never find the original definition for this great concept, here's the complete quote: Kipple is useless objects, like junk mail or match folders after you use
  • uphill battle
    If you remember every word in this book, your memory will have recorded about two million pieces of information: the order in your brain will have increased by about two m

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