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  • rock and hawk
    Here is a symbol in which Many high tragic thoughts Watch their own eyes. This gray rock, standing tall On the headland, where the seawind Lets no tree grow, Earthquake-pr
  • wild & dao
    In 'The Practice of the Wild' (1990) Gary Snyder observes how: Wild is largely defined in our dictionaries by what - from a human standpoint - it is not. It cannot be seen
  • the mind made a swing
    Between the poles of the conscious and the unconscious, there has the mind made a swing: Thereon hang all beings and all worlds, and that swing never ceases its sway. Mill
  • equilibrist
    I see an adder and, a yard away, a butterfly being gorgeous. I switch the radio from tortures in foreign prisons to a sonata of Schubert (that foreigner). I crawl from the
  • one must in english
    One still has to count one's summers, pass one's sentence, snow one's winter one still has to get the shopping done before dark asks the way, black candles for the cellar
  • the very old one sings
    After all these landscape odes , here is a Dutch poem that has acquired a distinctly urban connotation, Lucebert's ' the very old one sings ' ('de zeer oude zingt', 1954),
  • memory of holland vs boutade
    After Slauerhoff's sarcastic sketch of Holland's social landscape, here are two more visions of Holland, pitting the idealized landscape of Marsman's ' Memory of Holland '
  • in holland...
    For more exotic wanderings in Dutch literature, who better to turn to than J. Slauerhoff? The restless poet who never felt at home in his time or place, and whose most fam
  • reality poem
    Dis is di age af reality But some a wi a deal wid mitalagy Dis is di age af science an' teknalagy But some a wi check fi antiquity W'en wi can't face reality Wi leggo wi c
  • the cave
    Each day is a glass room that we must smash in order to break through into a landscape, and be involved. To be involved is to be alive. Well-known for his prose, poetry, i
  • will o' the wisp
    Bloem is not the only Dutch writer to have used the November weather of the Low Lands to set a dreary, forlorn tone. Willem Elsschot 's novella 'Will o' the Wisp' ('Het dw
  • each day we live is a glass room
    I Each day we live is a glass room Until we break it with the thrusting Of the spirit and pass through The splintered walls to the green pastures Where the birds and buds
  • the child is not dead
    On May 25, 1994, president Nelson Mandela addressed the newly formed democratic parliament of South Africa, and read a poem by Ingrid Jonker, ' The child who was shot dead
  • november
    To start off November in suitably stoic fashion, here is J.C. Bloem 's poem 'November' - a classic in Dutch literature. From its famously gloomy opening line (how much mor
  • clachan
    Pit de haund doon an whit's dere? Stons. Stons i da aest, stons i da wast, stons as faur as du kin see an whit's dis? Here i da heart o aa dis stons me an de, a drummin la
  • desert ii
    In a time that confronts me, "You do not belong to me," I retort back, "I'm not of you," and struggle to understand it... I am now a hue, a silhouette displaced among its
  • electric lock
    Tonight the streetlights where I live went out at midnight as usual. While I looked for my key the kindhearted taxi driver aimed his headlights at me as he backed up. The
  • the cold mountain path
    Clambering up the Cold Mountain path, The Cold Mountain trail goes on and on: The long gorge choked with scree and boulders, The wide creek, the mist-blurred grass. The mo
  • out of sight out of mind
    If it's someone then it's that someone who knocks us down mows us down, all our grass I cannot withstand this annihilating image That's why I put a stone in a box, close t
  • a garden in the evening
    Things are happening here and I am the only one who knows which I shall name them and also say why there's an old garden seat standing under the apple-tree an old football
  • but it isn't enough
    Now the summer has passed. It might never have been. It is warm in the sun, But it isn't enough. All that might've occurred Like a five-fingered leaf Fluttered into my han
  • nonreading
    Bookstores don't provide a remote control for Proust, you can't switch to a soccer match, or a quiz show, win a Cadillac. We live longer but less precisely and in shorter
  • o'er seas that have no beaches
    O'er seas that have no beaches To end their waves upon, I floated with twelve peaches, A sofa and a swan. The blunt waves crashed above us The sharp waves burst around, Th
  • your soul and mine
    ...if you see the vulture coming flying circles in your mind; Remember, there is no escaping for he will follow close behind. Only promise me a battle for your soul and mi
  • wanderer, your footsteps
    Caminante, son tus huellas el camino, y nada más; caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Al andar se hace camino, y al volver la vista atrás se ve la senda que
  • sonnet ix
    Oh to be idle loving idleness! But I am idle all in hate of me; Ever in action's dream, in the false stress Of purposed action never set to be. Like a fierce beast self-pe
  • the gift
    ...a work of art is a gift, not a commodity. Or, to state the modern case with more precision, (...) works of art exist simultaneously in two 'economies', a market economy
  • when the new season makes its way
    If after seeing ' Hadewijch ' ( reviewed before ), you're curious about the 13th century poet, mystic and beguine ('begijn') from Brabant, here's a sample of her work. Had
  • korreltjie sand
    Korreltjie korreltjie sand klippie gerol in my hand klippie gesteek in my sak word korreltjie klein en plat Sonnetjie groot in die blou ek maak net 'n ogie van jou blink i
  • black marigolds
    Even now My thought is all of this gold-tinted king's daughter With garlands tissue and golden buds, Smoke tangles of her hair, and sleeping or waking Feet trembling in lo
  • the fisher king
    Did you ever hear the story of the Fisher King? It begins with the king as a boy having to sleep alone in the forest to prove his courage so he can become king. While he's
  • winter days
    While on the subject of Raoul Servais (see previous post ), an interesting project he participated in is ' Winter Days ', an animated film based on a renku by Bashō and ot
  • where once the waters of your face
    Where once the waters of your face Spun to my screws, your dry ghost blows, The dead turns up its eye; Where once the mermen through your ice Pushed up their hair, the dry
  • go forth
    What to think of Levi's using Walt Whitman as a spokesman in its new Go Forth campaign? The commercial is certainly daring, featuring a rare recording of Whitman reading h
  • het grote verhaal
    Hebben wij een afspraak met het leven gemaakt? Hebben wij ons aan die afspraak gehouden? Hebben wij beloofd ons aan die afspraak te houden? Zijn wij de afspraak vergeten?
  • the savage detectives
    What an impossible book to summarize, Roberto Bolaño 's ' The Savage Detectives '. An exploded novel with dozens of narrators and a frenzied story spilling out from 1975 M
  • the rose of time
    when the watchman falls asleep you turn back with the storm to grow old embracing is the rose of time when bird roads define the sky you look behind at the sunset to emerg
  • 100,000,000,000,000 sonnets
    ' 100,000,000,000,000 Sonnets ' is a nice online version of Raymond Queneau 's 'Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes' (' Hundred Thousand Billion Poems '). Composed of fourteen
  • the flowering past
    There is no poetry when you live there. Those stones are yours, those noises are your mind, The forging thunderous trams and streets that bind You to the dreamed-of bar wh
  • inanna's journey to hell
    'Inanna's Journey to Hell', composed in Mesopotamia (what is now Iraq) in the third millennium BC, ranks among the oldest surviving stories of mankind. Inanna , the Lady o
  • and this i dreamt, and this i dream
    And this I dreamt, and this I dream, And some time this I will dream again, And all will be repeated, all be re-embodied, You will dream everything I have seen in dream. T
  • the simorgh
    It's a bit weird to use a spoiler warning when reviewing a book that's over 800 years old. But ' The Conference of the Birds ' ('Mantiq at-Ta'ir'), by twelfth century Sufi
  • the railroad station
    My nonarrival in the city of N. took place on the dot. You'd been alerted in my unmailed letter. You were able not to be there at the agreed-upon time. The train pulled up
  • all i have to bring
    It's all I have to bring to-day,   This, and my heart beside, This, and my heart, and all the fields,   And all the meadows wide. Be sure you count, should I forget, -   S
  • the last concern
    Sequence To sleep, with the moon in one eye and the sun in the other, Love in your mouth, a lovely bird in your hair, Adorned like the fields, the woods, the routes, the s
  • you, the living
    Reviewing Roy Andersson 's new film, ' You, the Living ' ('Du Levande'), inevitably means comparing it to his previous masterpiece ' Songs from the Second Floor '. To a la
  • the jewel stair's grievance
    The jeweled steps are already quite white with dew, It is so late the dew soaks my gauze stockings, And I let down the crystal curtain And watch the moon through the clear
  • deer park
    Just four lines long, the ancient Chinese poem 'Deer Park', by Buddhist poet Wang Wei , has inspired poets and translators through the ages. Eliot Weinberger 's '19 Ways o
  • in jerusalem
    Some inspiring literary discoveries today at the Winternachten festival in The Hague, at a program ironically titled How to Bluff your Way into Arabic Literature . Featuri
  • how fortunate the man with none
    You saw sagacious Solomon You know what came of him, To him complexities seemed plain. He cursed the hour that gave birth to him And saw that everything was vain. How grea
  • marquis de canteclaer
    A promise made here over two years ago was to post some more of the poetry of Marquis de Canteclaer. In full, Querulijn Xaverius Marquis De Canteclaer van Barneveldt was o
  • barbaric yawp
    To quote some more from Walt Whitman 's endlessly quotable ' Song of Myself ' (see previous post ): I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric
  • what is the grass?
    A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more than he. I guess it must be the flag of
  • mexico: tenochtitlan
    Mexico City, formerly known as Tenochtitlan , the capital of the Aztecs , was built on an island in Lake Texcoco and one of the world's largest cities by the time it was d
  • one must
    Couldn't find a translation for this one, so it'll be in Dutch today... Men moet Men moet zijn zomers nog tellen, zijn vonnis nog vellen, men moet zijn winter nog sneeuwen
  • chinese art and greek art
    Following up on my earlier post on Pamuk's 'The Black Book', it appears the story about the competition between the two painters was inspired by a poem by Jalal ad-Din Muh
  • la tigre e la neve
    Maybe it's too easy to dismiss Roberto Benigni 's ' La Tigre e la Neve ' ('The Tiger and the Snow') as ' La Vita è Bella ' ('Life is Beautiful') in Iraq. But the similarit
  • memory of holland
    The first David Reid Poetry Translation Prize resulted in over 30 translations of Marsman 's famous poem 'Herinnering aan Holland' / 'Memory of Holland' . Thinking of Holl
  • love detective
    We slept in this morning and she had to get ready in a hurry - no time for her usual attention to detail - and she ran out the door, slamming it behind her, leaving her ke
  • omar khayyám
    ' The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám ' is one of the great classics of Persian poetry. Written by mathematician, astronomer and poet Omar Khayyám (1048 - 1123), the original col
  • ahmet abi
    Apparently this weird, tucked away illuminated sign in Rotterdam is an art project by Arno Coenen . The text is based on a Turkish poem by Edip Cansever called ' The Voice
  • nonsense nursery syllables
    Today I imagine the words of countless Languages to be suddenly fetterless - After long incarceration In the fortress of Grammar, suddenly up in rebellion. Maddened by the
  • lord marquis
    Mephistopheles: Old bag of bones, can you not recognize You lord and master, here before your eyes? You scare-crow, what shall hold my sentence back, That blots you out, y
  • klopjag
    South African pop band Klopjag is as cool as their name, and their lyrics in Afrikaans are both clever and endearing (to Dutch speakers). This is 'Rol van die dice', from
  • yes and no
    As translator Judith Wilkinson remarks, the poetry of Toon Tellegen lends itself well to translation, "not only because of its linguistic simplicity - one might almost cal
  • who knows where the time goes
    Many versions have been recorded of the song ' Who knows where the time goes ', written by Sandy Denny and sung by her on the Fairport Convention album ' Unhalfbricking '.
  • mestre
    Master, serene All hours We waste, if in The wasting them, As in a jar, We set flowers. The beginning of Ricardo Reis' poem 'Mestre'. Reis was one of the Portuguese poet F
  • als das kind kind war
    Als das Kind Kind war, hatte es von nichts eine Meinung, hatte keine Gewohnheit, saß oft im Schneidersitz, lief aus dem Stand, hatte einen Wirbel im Haar und machte kein G
  • shi jing
    Some more on China... A sample from the ' Shi Jing ' ('Book of Songs' or 'Book of Odes'), the oldest collection of poetry from ancient China and one of the Five Classics .
  • a passing glimpse
    I often see flowers from a passing car That are gone before I can tell what they are. I want to get out of the train and go back To see what they were beside the track. I
  • the chance of humming
    A man standing on two logs in a river might do all right floating with the current while humming in the now. Though if one log is tied to a camel, who is also heading sout
  • dutch hope in days of fear
    Admittedly a little late i've only just been discovering the legendary dutch cabaret of Neerlands Hoop in Bange Dagen (1968-1979), formed by Freek de Jonge and the recentl

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