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  • government database fallacies
    In follow-up of yesterday's post on function creep , there are of course a lot more arguments against government-created central databases of personal data - or indeed of
  • function creep
    Function creep is "the way in which information that has been collected for one limited purpose, is gradually allowed to be used for other purposes which people may not ap
  • congratulating loesje
    Loesje , Holland's wittiest poster girl, turned 25 today. Since she first appeared in the streets of Arnhem in 1983, she quickly conquered the Netherlands with her subvers
  • digital forgetting
    Harvard professor Viktor Mayer-Sch├Ânberger argues for an expiration date on digital content. While in practice the idea (a metatag for all data saying "will self-destruct
  • the digital universe
    For some truly astronomical figures, check ' The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe ', an annual white paper by IDC , sponsored by EMC . According to their estimates,

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