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  • the digital panopticon
    In his essays 'The Burnout Society' ('Müdigkeitsgesellschaft', 2010) and 'The Transparency Society' ('Transparenzgesellschaft', 2012), Korean-German philosopher Byung-Chul
  • the language of the absent
    The concept of 'the extensions of man' is usually associated with media theorist Marshall McLuhan and his 1964 book 'Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man'. But here
  • the futility boundary
    Well-known but still poorly understood, the placebo effect is where pharmacology yields to psychology and the power of illusion. Last year a study revealed that expensive
  • manhole 69
    "...What do you think the next step forward will be?" "Forward where?" Morley asked. Lang gestured expansively. "I mean up the evolutionary slope. Three hundred million ye
  • the religious experience of philip k. dick
    In 1974, science fiction writer Philip K. Dick experienced a series of mystical visions. They would greatly influence his writing, most explicitly in ' Valis ', a philosop
  • notes from underground
    I am a sick man... I am a wicked man. An unattractive man. I think my liver hurts. These opening statements set the tone for what must be one of the most savage rants in w
  • a litany of unreadable codes
    Ten years before ' Keane ', Lodge Kerrigan made his debut with the low-budget ' Clean, Shaven '. I described 'Keane' here before as "an intense and often agonizing glimpse
  • repose
    F. Scott Fitzgerald 's great tragic novel of Roaring Twenties Americans in Europe, ' Tender is the Night ', has some of its best moments in his sharp social observations.
  • digital forgetting
    Harvard professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger argues for an expiration date on digital content. While in practice the idea (a metatag for all data saying "will self-destruct
  • the god necessity
    As we look back through the religious conceptions of human nature - and indeed we need not look so very far back because the same doctrine can be found in Freud - it becom
  • life-lies
    The Theatercompagnie 's rendition of Henrik Ibsen 's ' De Wilde Eend ' (' The Wild Duck ', 1884) is an unflinching and crystal clear psychological drama with convincing ac
  • thud
    In 1972 American psychologist David Rosenhan conducted an experiment to test psychiatric diagnosing. In what has become famous as the Rosenhan experiment , a number of men
  • the shock doctrine
    What to think of this short film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein , ' The Shock Doctrine '? Without having read the book of the same title that the film is meant to intro
  • flow
    Check out flOw , a beautiful intuitive game set in "an abstract aquatic world inviting the player to dive in, to learn, to explore, to survive..." There is little instruct
  • the heroic imagination
    Interesting interview in Edge with psychologist Philip Zimbardo , who wonders if there is "a counterpart to Hannah Arendt 's classical analysis of evil in terms of her phr
  • havidol
    "Everyone should be able to live life to its fullest. I used to believe I did. I felt confident in myself, and my relationships. I exercised regularly. I slept quietly thr
  • ship of fools
    Jeroen Bosch ' famous ' Ship of Fools ', the medieval allegory of humans wasting their lives in idle pleasures. Less widely known is that the custom of putting the insane
  • parkinson's law
    To archive this one once and for all, here's the definition and explanation of the great and ever applicable Parkinson's Law , as described by Cyril Northcote Parkinson in
  • chasing phantoms
    A very fitting final Ro Theater production of both director Guy Cassiers (of Proustian fame) and actor Joop Keesmaat, ' Hersenschimmen ' (' Out of Mind ') is an enthrallin
  • mythomania
    Oliver Sacks , in his collection of neurological case studies ' The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat ', recounts the story of a mythomaniacal patient. Like many of Sacks
  • the psychopathic corporation
    The threepart Canadian documentary ' The Corporation ' asks the interesting question: if corporations are considered legal persons, what kind of personality do they have?
  • entrepeneurial madness
    The documentary Georgi and the Butterflies (winner of the Silver Wolf at IDFA '04) is the bittersweet portrait of Georgi Lulchev, director of a Bulgarian psychiatric insti
  • cryptical arabesques
    H.P. Lovecraft , one of the grandfathers of horror stories (and probably one of the few writers that can be called gothic and baroque at the same time), turns out to be qu
  • time, pt. 2
    What time is for the nonreligious man of modern society would be more difficult to put into a few words. We do not intend to discuss the modern philosophies of time nor th

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