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  • urban wildflowers
    A small area of urban wilderness on an abandoned railway embankment in Rotterdam Spangen .
  • crown of thorns
    Behold, a modern miracle: Christ in the Drain Pipe, with a crown of thorns that beatifies this standard issue hostile architecture . Seen in Rotterdam.
  • fireworks over rotterdam
  • content definition
    Just a reminder of the meaning of content, before such abstractions as the verbal and audiovisual stuff to fill websites with... English: "Content: state of mind in which
  • waiting time
    Seen at a Rotterdam tram stop: "Waiting takes 73 seconds per minute" ("Wachten duurt 73 sec. p/min.").
  • everything must go
    Seen in Rotterdam, 'Alles moet weg' ('Everything must go'). Also posted in the Words gallery .
  • the law
    They seem to be rare these days, Loesje posters in the wild. This one, spotted in Rotterdam, is an archetypical example of her linguistic wit and anti-authoritarian satire
  • tour lore
    Rotterdam getting ready for the Tour de France with some nice Tour lore oneliners... Above: "De Tour win je in bed" ("You win the Tour in bed") Below: "Ik reed lek en de r
  • most people are other people
    "De meeste mensen zijn andere mensen" - or in English: "Most people are other people" - on the former Heineken building in Rotterdam. It's a quote from the king of epigram
  • praying woman
    Great wall painting in Rotterdam, by Brazilian artist Dante Horoiwa . Part of the Reflexo on Urban Art festival, which invited "10 Brazilian graffiti artists to paint huge
  • reclining figure
    The biggest impact of seeing the exhibition of Fritz Wotruba at the sculpture museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen was a new appreciation of one of his works not present
  • my public space
    The NAI exhibition My Public Space takes a critical look at the changing concept of publicness of city space. Public spaces are being privatised as a result of the decreas
  • flower wolf
    Seen at Wereld van Witte de With this weekend.
  • double negation
    Curious notice at the entrance of my local supermarket... The text says: "No entrance for (high school) students between 12:15 and 1:15 PM." (Not a very convincing stateme
  • the world of witte de with
    Just a quick impression of last weekend's The World of Witte de With festival in Rotterdam, where the theme was heroes and all the windows were decorated with texts rangin
  • shed a tear
    Amid all the reconstruction chaos of Rotterdam's Central Station , you'd almost overlook a poetic tribute to the old station, designed by Sybold van Ravesteyn in 1957 and
  • confusing time
    Curious announcement at the train station today: Ladies and gentlemen, please note that as of today the clocks in this station will no longer display the correct time.
  • wooden apples
    'Appels', Heemraadsingel Rotterdam, by Kees Franse .
  • advice of the day
    "Ga langzaam naar uw werk." / "Go to work slowly."
  • a hint of winter
  • hometown sightseeing
  • time, pt. 1
  • fireworks preset on my camera

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