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  • r.u.r.: rossum's universal robots
    DOMIN: What sort of worker do you think is the best from a practical point of view? HELENA: Perhaps the one who is most honest and hardworking. DOMIN: No; the one that is
  • chemical redemption
    Time is now a subjective matter. You decide in your mind when day breaks, or when the moon fades. After a while you probably lose the numeric calendar as we once knew it.
  • we
    Yevgeny Zamyatin 's novel 'We' (1921) is considered the godfather of the modern dystopia, preceding both 'Brave New World' and 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'. But the book still h
  • chronopolis
    How do immortals pass the time? Well, in Piotr Kamler 's experimental animation film 'Chronopolis' (1982) they play games with time itself. Strange, repetitive games with
  • world on a wire
    'World on a Wire' ('Welt am Draht', 1973) was Rainer Werner Fassbinder's only venture into science-fiction. Made as a two-part miniseries for television, it was long unava
  • death watch
    Perhaps it's because of the rather generic sounding title, but Bertrand Tavernier's subdued dystopian drama ' Death Watch ' (1980) seems to have been relegated to obscurit
  • the futurological congress
    In 20th century science fiction, both Philip K. Dick and Stanisław Lem were intensely preoccupied with the nature of reality - what is real, how can we know what is real,
  • the trouble with bubbles
    Miniature worlds are a recurring theme in the stories of Philip K. Dick . In ' Second Variety ', volume two of his collected stories (all early work from the period 1952-5
  • manhole 69
    "...What do you think the next step forward will be?" "Forward where?" Morley asked. Lang gestured expansively. "I mean up the evolutionary slope. Three hundred million ye
  • flags in a vacuum
    There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum. - Arthur C. Clarke , who defined serious science-fiction with such books as ' 2001: A Space Odys
  • tarzan vs. ibm
    As Nouvelle Vague 's venture into science fiction, Jean-Luc Godard 's ' Alphaville ' (1965) is still a fascinating piece of conceptual (as opposed to spectacular) sci-fi.
  • a scanner darkly
    Faithfully adaptated from Philip K. Dick 's novel, Richard Linklater 's animated 'A Scanner Darkly ' is a grim tale of drug-fueled paranoia. As with most P.K. Dick novels,
  • la jetée
    Chris Marker 's famous ciné-roman (film-novel) ' La Jetée ' (1962), only half an hour long and comprised almost entirely of black and white stills, remains one of the best
  • the seventh sally
    Died yesterday, Stanisław Lem , the Polish science-fiction writer best known for his book ' Solaris ' and its film adaptations by Tarkovsky and Soderbergh , was really a p
  • the machine stops
    E.M. Forster , not exactly known for science fiction, wrote an interesting short story called ' The Machine Stops ' (first published in 1909), depicting a future society e
  • pandora's box
    ' Primer ' is one of those mindf*cks that will leave you a) completely cold, or b) wanting to watch it again, now. This film is along the lines of ' Pi ', ' Memento ' or '
  • a sample of blocks
    In the short Dutch novel "Blokken" ("Blocks") by Ferdinand Bordewijk , the main character is the State, a communist totalitarian regime. The State forbids any individualis

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