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  • verity
    A strange sight, the allegorical bronze sculpture called ' Verity ' by Damien Hirst looking out to sea in the North-Devon coastal town of Ilfracombe. Standing on law books
  • middelheim
    A sample of sculpture in Antwerp's Middelheim Museum , a large open air treasury showing classical bronzes, conceptual concretes and almost anything in between. The seated
  • statues also die
    Coming back to the idea of ethnographic museums embodying (neo)colonialism , here's an eloquent statement on the subject, made in a unique collaboration between two master
  • climate change expedition
    Found via ' Insitu ', one of sculpture artist Isaac Cordal's ' Cement Eclipses ', described as "small interventions in the big city". This one is titled 'Climate Change Ex
  • insel hombroich
    In the rolling Rhineland fields near Neuss lies the Museum Insel Hombroich , a spacious park that's also a museum, with both open air sculpture and graphic work housed in
  • chichu art museum
    In the context of Art Setouchi , the Chichu Art Museum deserves a separate post. Located on Naoshima , which has been developing as a centre of modern art for years, this
  • ghentian hecklers
    Spectators at the Gentse Feesten , frowned upon by an opera house of Statler and Waldorf s...
  • wind-up stone
    Seen in Vlissingen (or Flushing as it's called in English), this sculpture by Jan Haas . Officially titled: 'Duizenden jaren deel van / een massief / op het punt van beweg
  • florence sculpture
    Some random samples of sculpture from the overwhelming open-air museum that is Florence... So overwhelming, in fact, that the city has been known to induce Stendhal syndro
  • reclining figure
    The biggest impact of seeing the exhibition of Fritz Wotruba at the sculpture museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen was a new appreciation of one of his works not present
  • do-it-yourself-sculpture
    A belated post on the Jean Tinguely exhibition in the Kunsthal , which ended late January... While cool to see such an uncompromising, alternative vision on our material,
  • unknown sage
    No idea who this sculpture is of or by (nor to what extent its weather-worn appearance is intentional). It's located in front of the Neptune Grotto of the Sanssouci Palace
  • wooden apples
    'Appels', Heemraadsingel Rotterdam, by Kees Franse .
  • untitled big man
    Artist and former model maker Ron Mueck makes hyper-realistic, gargantuan, unsettling sculptures of human beings. Great series of photos here . Some more here . Via P .
  • munich giant
  • dachau
    Where one sculpture says more than the whole two hour tour... Update: Larger version posted in the Places photo gallery .

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