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  • technique
    For a more fundamental view on technology and its discontents , what better source to turn to than French sociologist Jacques Ellul 's classic work 'The Technological Soci
  • how much globalization can we bear?
    In 2003, German philosopher Rüdiger Safranski published a little book with the intriguing title: 'How much globalization can we bear?' ('Wieviel Globalisierung verträgt de
  • freedom and security, a case of hassliebe
    Last night saw the opening of the ' In Me, the Paradox of Liberty ' festival in Amsterdam, organized by Castrum Peregrini, with a keynote speech by the eminent Polish soci
  • modern craftsmanship
    Craftsmanship is a term most often applied to manual laborers and denotes the pursuit of quality in making a violin, watch, or pot. This is too narrow a view. Mental craft
  • the gift
    ...a work of art is a gift, not a commodity. Or, to state the modern case with more precision, (...) works of art exist simultaneously in two 'economies', a market economy
  • the futility boundary
    Well-known but still poorly understood, the placebo effect is where pharmacology yields to psychology and the power of illusion. Last year a study revealed that expensive
  • digital forgetting
    Harvard professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger argues for an expiration date on digital content. While in practice the idea (a metatag for all data saying "will self-destruct
  • future shock
    Alvin Toffler 's ' Future Shock ' (1970), precursor to ' The Third Wave ', described the effects of accelerated technological and social change in late 20st century societ
  • hyperreality
    All through the 19th and 20th centuries political and economic practice merge increasingly into the same type of discourse. Propaganda and advertising fuse in the same mar
  • parkinson's law
    To archive this one once and for all, here's the definition and explanation of the great and ever applicable Parkinson's Law , as described by Cyril Northcote Parkinson in
  • wealth of networks
    Interesting new book by Yochai Benkler, ' The Wealth of Networks '. Like Kelly , Barlow (' The Economy of Mind ') and Lessig (' The Future of Ideas '), Benkler describes t
  • culture industry
    Today aesthetic barbarity completes what has threatened the creations of the spirit since they were gathered together as culture and neutralized. To speak of culture was a
  • hyperdemocracy
    Today we are witnessing the triumphs of a hyperdemocracy in which the mass acts directly, outside the law, imposing its aspirations and its desires by means of material pr
  • some good old internet optimism
    In Wired 's look-back at "10 years of boom, bust, and sock puppets" since Netscape went public in 1995, Kevin Kelly 's article ' We Are the Web ' provides an interesting l
  • subbacultures
    An old one, but still great, this photo inventory of subcultures... @ www.exactitudes.com
  • over-communication
    ...Over-communication -- that is, the tendency to know exactly in one point of the world what is going on in all other parts of the world. In order for a culture and its m
  • information, pt. 2
    Now, there is something obscene about the instant replication of an event, act or speech and their immediate transcription, for some degree of delay, pause or suspense is

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