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  • flemish mockery
    Always welcome, some gentle Flemish mockery directed at the unsuspecting passerby. To decipher and translate: "Ge maakt u eigen belachelijk" - "You're making a fool of you
  • all their words retracted
    A large campaign of hundreds of spoof ads in Paris exposes the corporate capture of the COP climate talks. Special target are the COP21 sponsors who are misleadingly brand
  • there is no planet b
    To follow up yesterday's oil baron , here's some more planetary conscious street art... By: Banksy , Michael Pederson , Dr. Love , Pejac .
  • crown of thorns
    Behold, a modern miracle: Christ in the Drain Pipe, with a crown of thorns that beatifies this standard issue hostile architecture . Seen in Rotterdam.
  • mobile lovers
    These days a new Banksy piece might just be whisked off to the museum right away. This one, 'Mobile Lovers', is now on display at Bristol Museum . Here it was in the wild
  • glasgow street art
    Some great street art spotted in Glasgow... 'Girl with magnifying glass' by Smug (note the girl's necklace - more visible here ) and 'Balloon-floating taxi' by Rogue-One .
  • lisbon murals
  • money doesn't exist
    Spotted in Amsterdam, one of the saner responses to the financial crisis... "Geld bestaat niet" ("Money doesn't exist").
  • climate change expedition
    Found via ' Insitu ', one of sculpture artist Isaac Cordal's ' Cement Eclipses ', described as "small interventions in the big city". This one is titled 'Climate Change Ex
  • praying woman
    Great wall painting in Rotterdam, by Brazilian artist Dante Horoiwa . Part of the Reflexo on Urban Art festival, which invited "10 Brazilian graffiti artists to paint huge
  • shopping astronaut
    Almost forgot to post this stencil graffiti from Stokes Croft, Bristol, which seems to be by an artist called SPQR . (Actually a better photo is this one .) Meanwhile that
  • florence graffiti
    Just launched a new snapshots gallery , powered by Zenphoto , to replace the old manual one. It'll need some tweaking, but the basics of straightjacketting the layout and
  • too bad
    "Jammer" / "Too bad"
  • advice of the day
    "Ga langzaam naar uw werk." / "Go to work slowly."
  • canvas amsterdam
    Cool collection of critical aphorisms someone called Laser 3:14 (bible reference? pi-obsession?) decorates the walls of Amsterdam with. See them all @ www.dekliek.nl/artic

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