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  • the digital panopticon
    In his essays 'The Burnout Society' ('Müdigkeitsgesellschaft', 2010) and 'The Transparency Society' ('Transparenzgesellschaft', 2012), Korean-German philosopher Byung-Chul
  • r.u.r.: rossum's universal robots
    DOMIN: What sort of worker do you think is the best from a practical point of view? HELENA: Perhaps the one who is most honest and hardworking. DOMIN: No; the one that is
  • mobile lovers
    These days a new Banksy piece might just be whisked off to the museum right away. This one, 'Mobile Lovers', is now on display at Bristol Museum . Here it was in the wild
  • technique
    For a more fundamental view on technology and its discontents , what better source to turn to than French sociologist Jacques Ellul 's classic work 'The Technological Soci
  • the pathology of solutionism
    A more serious discussion of the progress trap was provided on Monday, when internet critic Evgeny Morozov gave a talk in the Balie in Amsterdam for the launch of the Dutc
  • deaf: the progress trap
    This year's Dutch Electronic Art Festival raised expectations with its intriguing theme, 'The Progress Trap', marking the first time this biennale questions rather than ce
  • technological idolatry
    Technological idolatry is the most ingenuous and primitive of the three [higher forms of idolatry]; for its devotees (...) believe that their redemption and liberation dep
  • post-digital print
    An inspiring book for those who like to do their reading on paper, Alessandro Ludovico's 'Post-Digital Print' (2012) offers much-needed nuance in the 'print is dead' debat
  • the mistake of the machine
    In an age when techno-utopian visions seem to have become America's most successful export product, we might do well to turn to Father Brown for a sanity check. Always one
  • the shallows
    With their latest and lightest album ' The Shallows ', postrock band I Like Trains - or iLiKETRAiNS as they used to say - has taken their preoccupation with history and ap
  • the language of the absent
    The concept of 'the extensions of man' is usually associated with media theorist Marshall McLuhan and his 1964 book 'Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man'. But here
  • government database fallacies
    In follow-up of yesterday's post on function creep , there are of course a lot more arguments against government-created central databases of personal data - or indeed of
  • real snail mail
    A "slow art" project by boredomresearch , RealSnailMail is "the world's first webmail service using live snails." Your e-mail could take days or even weeks to get delivere
  • future shock
    Alvin Toffler 's ' Future Shock ' (1970), precursor to ' The Third Wave ', described the effects of accelerated technological and social change in late 20st century societ
  • culture industry
    Today aesthetic barbarity completes what has threatened the creations of the spirit since they were gathered together as culture and neutralized. To speak of culture was a
  • a remote control with just one button
    This is a great new gadget: TV-B-Gone

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