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  • world on a wire
    'World on a Wire' ('Welt am Draht', 1973) was Rainer Werner Fassbinder's only venture into science-fiction. Made as a two-part miniseries for television, it was long unava
  • the rise of the hug on tv
    Adam Curtis is best known for his distinct brand of documentaries made for the BBC, which combine a sleuth's history of ideas and relentless deconstruction of political id
  • pennies from heaven
    A long time ago, a million years BC The best things in life were absolutely free But no one appreciated a sky that was always blue And no one congratulated a moon that was
  • go forth
    What to think of Levi's using Walt Whitman as a spokesman in its new Go Forth campaign? The commercial is certainly daring, featuring a rare recording of Whitman reading h
  • the mahabharata
    The Indian Mahabharata has been called the longest epic in the world. Spanning over 74.000 Sanskrit verses (about ten times the length of the Iliad and Odyssey combined!),
  • nieuw dier
    Just this once, let me recommend you dust off your television, plug it in and turn it on on Sunday Friday evenings to watch the anarchistic Pythonesque comedy of ' Nieuw D
  • laura
    Otto Preminger 's 1944 ' Laura ' is a sophisticated film noir that uses a murder mystery to expose the cynical decadence beneath the decorum of its high society locale. In
  • deep into the woods
    After watching almost a thousand minutes of ' Twin Peaks ' (pilot plus sixteen epsiodes) this weekend, what can i say... David Lynch and Mark Frost 's creation is still am
  • a remote control with just one button
    This is a great new gadget: TV-B-Gone

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