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  • mr loftus
    What is your wilderness? I have my own. It has no boundaries, but shifts its grey And crumbling landscapes through my skull, Shuffles them, while I stand, and stirs the da
  • r.u.r.: rossum's universal robots
    DOMIN: What sort of worker do you think is the best from a practical point of view? HELENA: Perhaps the one who is most honest and hardworking. DOMIN: No; the one that is
  • the cave
    Each day is a glass room that we must smash in order to break through into a landscape, and be involved. To be involved is to be alive. Well-known for his prose, poetry, i
  • speer
    On April 9, 1944, The Observer published a profile of Albert Speer , "dictator of the Nazi industry". Speer, who had started his career as Hitler's architect, had by then
  • cloaca
    Warning: contains some spoilers. Ten years after its original premiere, 'Cloaca' is touring Dutch theatres again. With younger actors - 30 rather than 40 somethings - it h
  • the man without qualities
    In a daring theatrical venture the Flemish Toneelhuis staged a three-part adaptation of Robert Musil's contemplative and largely plotless novel ' The Man Without Qualities
  • that's the way
    That's the way the stomach rumbles That's the way the bee bumbles That's the way the needle pricks That's the way the glue sticks That's the way the potato mashes That's t
  • a monstrous, cheating lure
    "To all whom it concerns, let it be known: Who hath this note, a thousand crowns doth own. As certain pledge thereof shall stand Vast buried treasure in the Emperor's land
  • dutch expats
    Currently touring Dutch theaters, ' Expats ' by Het Toneel Speelt is a scathing portrait of the current generation of Dutch 30-somethings. Written by Peter van de Witte an
  • krapp's last tape
    In Samuel Beckett 's short play ' Krapp's Last Tape ' (1958) an old man reviews his life, listening to tapes he has recorded every year on his birthday, and making a new r
  • who's afraid of virginia woolf?
    First performed in 1962, Edward Albee 's ' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ' is still shockingly savage in its portrayal of a disillusioned marriage. In Onafhankelijk Tone
  • the uncertainty principle
    A play based on quantum physics may sound like a recipe for heady abstraction, but Michael Frayn 's ' Copenhagen ' - ' Kopenhagen ' in the current rendition by Het Nationa
  • life-lies
    The Theatercompagnie 's rendition of Henrik Ibsen 's ' De Wilde Eend ' (' The Wild Duck ', 1884) is an unflinching and crystal clear psychological drama with convincing ac
  • sweeney todd
    Man: Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. He shaved the faces of gentlemen Who never thereafter were heard of again. He trod a path that
  • narziss & goldmund
    Adapting Herman Hesse 's novel ' Narcissus and Goldmund ' to the theatre poses a difficult challenge. Hesse's novel, set in Medieval Germany, sets up a juxtaposition of ar
  • a delicate balance
    'Wankel Evenwicht', a Dutch rendition of Edward Albee 's ' A Delicate Balance ' by Carver and Onafhankelijk Toneel at the Toneelschuur , provided captivating acting all ar
  • not i
    Finally saw some of the ' Beckett on Film ' pieces at the Beckett Centenary Festival in Dublin. The short (45 sec) ' Breath ' by Damien Hirst , ' Act Without Words I ' by
  • chasing phantoms
    A very fitting final Ro Theater production of both director Guy Cassiers (of Proustian fame) and actor Joop Keesmaat, ' Hersenschimmen ' (' Out of Mind ') is an enthrallin
  • mephisto
    The adaptation of ' Mephisto ', which had its premiere tonight at the Leidse Schouwburg , made for a thoughtful theatre experience held together by a great group of actors
  • finding lost time
    Finally saw the last episode of the awesome four part theatre adaptation of Marcel Proust 's ' À la Recherche du Temps Perdu ' by the Ro Theater . All directed by Guy Cass
  • the horizontal elevator
    'De Kortste Eeuw' ('The Shortest Century'), Orkater 's current music theatre piece, is in their own words "a big, allegorical and absurd location-based show in Amsterdam w
  • are you now or were you ever...?
    Searching for a worthy quote in memoriam of Arthur Miller, the American playwright ("Death of a Salesman", "The Crucible", "After the Fall", etc.) who died last week, i st
  • hurlyburly in dutch
    When a group of young Dutch actors decides to do David Rabe's play Hurlyburly, comparisons are inevitable to the film adaptation which starred such names as Sean Penn, Kev
  • politics & theatre
    Is the current political farce in the USA and elsewhere leading theatre writers/directors to make equally onesided, hollow statements, robbed of any nuance? It seems that
  • dutch hope in days of fear
    Admittedly a little late i've only just been discovering the legendary dutch cabaret of Neerlands Hoop in Bange Dagen (1968-1979), formed by Freek de Jonge and the recentl

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