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  • one must in english
    One still has to count one's summers, pass one's sentence, snow one's winter one still has to get the shopping done before dark asks the way, black candles for the cellar
  • the very old one sings
    After all these landscape odes , here is a Dutch poem that has acquired a distinctly urban connotation, Lucebert's ' the very old one sings ' ('de zeer oude zingt', 1954),
  • memory of holland vs boutade
    After Slauerhoff's sarcastic sketch of Holland's social landscape, here are two more visions of Holland, pitting the idealized landscape of Marsman's ' Memory of Holland '
  • in holland...
    For more exotic wanderings in Dutch literature, who better to turn to than J. Slauerhoff? The restless poet who never felt at home in his time or place, and whose most fam
  • november
    To start off November in suitably stoic fashion, here is J.C. Bloem 's poem 'November' - a classic in Dutch literature. From its famously gloomy opening line (how much mor
  • speer
    On April 9, 1944, The Observer published a profile of Albert Speer , "dictator of the Nazi industry". Speer, who had started his career as Hitler's architect, had by then
  • desert ii
    In a time that confronts me, "You do not belong to me," I retort back, "I'm not of you," and struggle to understand it... I am now a hue, a silhouette displaced among its
  • electric lock
    Tonight the streetlights where I live went out at midnight as usual. While I looked for my key the kindhearted taxi driver aimed his headlights at me as he backed up. The
  • sonnet ix
    Oh to be idle loving idleness! But I am idle all in hate of me; Ever in action's dream, in the false stress Of purposed action never set to be. Like a fierce beast self-pe
  • korreltjie sand
    Korreltjie korreltjie sand klippie gerol in my hand klippie gesteek in my sak word korreltjie klein en plat Sonnetjie groot in die blou ek maak net 'n ogie van jou blink i
  • the rose of time
    when the watchman falls asleep you turn back with the storm to grow old embracing is the rose of time when bird roads define the sky you look behind at the sunset to emerg
  • who's afraid of virginia woolf?
    First performed in 1962, Edward Albee 's ' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ' is still shockingly savage in its portrayal of a disillusioned marriage. In Onafhankelijk Tone
  • kluning
    As the first serious frost in years starts to get Holland into iceskating mode, one of the strangest Dutch words is coming back into use: 'klunen', 'to walk on iceskates o
  • the last concern
    Sequence To sleep, with the moon in one eye and the sun in the other, Love in your mouth, a lovely bird in your hair, Adorned like the fields, the woods, the routes, the s
  • dutch milk wood
    One of the towering figures in Dutch (or Flemish, as some would insist) literature, Hugo Claus left a huge oeuvre of novels, plays and poetry. He was also a prolific trans
  • the jewel stair's grievance
    The jeweled steps are already quite white with dew, It is so late the dew soaks my gauze stockings, And I let down the crystal curtain And watch the moon through the clear
  • deer park
    Just four lines long, the ancient Chinese poem 'Deer Park', by Buddhist poet Wang Wei , has inspired poets and translators through the ages. Eliot Weinberger 's '19 Ways o
  • stairway wit
    'Stairway wit', or 'stairwit', isn't really English, just the direct translation of the French ' l'esprit d'escalier ' (originally coined by Diderot ) and its German equiv
  • memory of holland
    The first David Reid Poetry Translation Prize resulted in over 30 translations of Marsman 's famous poem 'Herinnering aan Holland' / 'Memory of Holland' . Thinking of Holl
  • omar khayyám
    ' The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám ' is one of the great classics of Persian poetry. Written by mathematician, astronomer and poet Omar Khayyám (1048 - 1123), the original col
  • yes and no
    As translator Judith Wilkinson remarks, the poetry of Toon Tellegen lends itself well to translation, "not only because of its linguistic simplicity - one might almost cal
  • tela totius terrae
    The "tela totius terrae" (ttt) is the world wide web (www) in Latin. If this sounds like Asterix & Obelix , it turns out there's a whole ' Dictionary of Modern Latin ' (pu
  • a sample of blocks
    In the short Dutch novel "Blokken" ("Blocks") by Ferdinand Bordewijk , the main character is the State, a communist totalitarian regime. The State forbids any individualis
  • habseligkeiten
    This word was voted most beautiful German word in the competition organized by the Goethe Institute and the German Language Council. 'Belongings' doesn't even come close a

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