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  • be passers-by
    The massive gate to the Mughal ghost-palace of Fatehpur Sikri , the Buland Darwaza , contains a curious Christian inscription - or rather, an Islamic inscription quoting J
  • pilgrims
    One more Roerich, titled 'Pilgrims' - this one by Svetoslav Roerich , son of Nicholas , who continued painting in a similar vein, though perhaps more fully ' Indianized '.
  • study of mountains
    The dozen or so versions of 'Study of Mountains' represent Russian painter Nicholas Roerich 's mystical visions of the Himalaya peaks at their starkest, barest essence: pl
  • naggar deodars
    On the lower mountain slope, the village and ancient regional capital of Naggar presides over the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by orchards and forests of m
  • rishikesh ads
    The town of Rishikesh lies in the Himalaya foothills, where the river Ganges comes flowing out of the mountains. Since gaining fame in the West as the retreat of a certain
  • varanasi dawn
    Varanasi, formerly Benares, also Kashi, the Hindu holy city has since time immemorial worshipped the river goddess Ganga from its ghats . Not surprisingly, the most auspic
  • mughal flowers
    The Indo-Perso-Islamic culture of the Mughal empire left much celebrated architecture, including the palaces of Delhi's Red Fort and Agra Fort as well as one of the most f
  • mumbai slogans
    A sample of Mumbaikar humor...
  • mumbai skies
    Mumbai's peninsular, tropical location on the Arabian sea creating some impressive skyscapes...
  • indian infinity
    India is all about infinity - an infinity of gods and myths, beliefs and languages, races and cultures; in everything, and everywhere one looks, there is this dizzying end
  • bombay to mumbai
    When the city of Bombay was renamed into Mumbai in 1995, it was a different kind of name change than, say, Peking to Beijing. Rather than correcting pronunciation, the cit
  • letters from holland
    Only a few years after Aldous Huxley wrote about his travels in Holland , Czech writer Karel Čapek devoted a whole book to the country: 'Letters from Holland' ('Obrázky z
  • travel advice
    Travel advice ('Reisadvies') at the train station...
  • verity
    A strange sight, the allegorical bronze sculpture called ' Verity ' by Damien Hirst looking out to sea in the North-Devon coastal town of Ilfracombe. Standing on law books
  • wistman's wood
    Names, science, history... not even the most adamantly down-to-earth botanist thinks of species and ecologies when he or she first stands at Wistman's Wood. It is too stra
  • the undercliff
    There runs, between Lyme Regis and Axmouth six miles to the west, one of the strangest coastal landscapes in Southern England. From the air it is not very striking; one no
  • the papal palace
    The papal palace in Avignon, the Palais des Papes , in winter is a rather bleak and draughty place, with only glimpses of its onetime splendor. The curious mix of fortress
  • glasgow street art
    Some great street art spotted in Glasgow... 'Girl with magnifying glass' by Smug (note the girl's necklace - more visible here ) and 'Balloon-floating taxi' by Rogue-One .
  • scotland: ullapool
    The highland country surrounding Ullapool. The rainbow over Loch Achall was unfortunately too large and valley-arching to fit on my camera...
  • scotland: skye
    On the Isle of Skye, skirting the invisible Cuillin , and back in the town of Portree.
  • scotland: ben nevis
    After Snowdon (Wales) and Carrauntoohil (Ireland), Ben Nevis had to be next - at 1344m Scotland's and the UK's highest mountain.
  • scotland: iona
    The Isle of Iona lies just off the coast of Mull, in Scotland's Inner Hebrides. Iona Abbey, founded by St Columba in the 6th century, is one of the oldest centers of Chris
  • dejima stories
    The tiny fan-shaped island of Dejima in the harbor of Nagasaki played a fascinating role in the history of Japan and the Netherlands. As the most far-flung trading post of
  • inasayama view
    A brief April thunderstorm over Nagasaki, seen from the top of Inasayama. The view is officially best at night.
  • setouchi art triennale 2013
    After its inaugural edition in 2010, the second Setouchi Art Triennale continues to build on its unique formula: a breathtaking location in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan an
  • the great wall of china
    The Great Wall of China in Badaling, an hour north of Beijing, on a quiet day. These days two other Chinese walls need to be mentioned as well, the Great Firewall and the
  • beijing advertising
    (No, that switchboard isn't part of the poster.)
  • beijing crowds
    Beijing's Forbidden City, the former imperial palace that these days is simply called the Palace Museum , draws tourists in tremendous thronging numbers. Much of its mysti
  • xi'an stelae
    The most impressive museum in Xi'an, China's ancient capital of Chang'an, houses the Forest of Stelae, a vast collection of ancient literature and calligraphy, all engrave
  • dunhuang desert & caves
    From Sichuan further northwest to China's traditional desert frontier, where the Silk Road oasis of Dunhuang lies on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert - quite literally, w
  • danba & kangding
    From the perpetually cloudy valleys of central Sichuan to the crystal clear air and high altitude sunlight of what is historically Kham , the Western province of the Tibet
  • qingcheng shan
    Mount Qingcheng, west of Chengdu, with its steep gorge paths, vertical landscapes and timeworn shrines and temples, shows where classical Chinese painters got their inspir
  • chengdu textures
    An impression of Chengdu's unlikely mixture of frenetic boomtown and contemplative tea gardens... Update: In retrospect this image seems to sum up Spring in Chengdu much b
  • china trainscapes
    China's vastness seen through dirty train windows, in transit between Guangzhou and Chengdu.
  • guangzhou spring
    Guangzhou in early March, already shimmering with heat and hazy skyscrapers on the horizon, including the soaring curves of the Canton Tower .
  • macau deities
    Hidden behind its modern facade of dazzling casinos, Macau's old town offers a fascinating blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture and religion, symbolized by the ruins of
  • hong kong fog
    Hong Kong in early March, both its iconic skyline and extensive mountain areas (great hiking territory !) shrouded in fog. For proper Hong Kong photography, Michael Wolf's
  • the africa museum
    The Africa Museum in Tervuren, just outside of Brussels, houses a gigantic collection of ethnographic and zoological artifacts from Belgium's former colonies in Central Af
  • andalucia: mulhacén
    To top off the GR7 , a detour to climb the highest peak of the Sierra Nevada, and of the Iberian peninsula: Mulhacén. Its snowy peak afforded views of the Mediterranean an
  • andalucia: alhama de granada - sierra nevada
    Some impressions of walking part of the southern fork of the GR7 in Andalucia, roughly from Alhama de Granada, through the Alpujarras and towards the white peaks of the Si
  • only you only me
    BIP2012 , short for the 8th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts in Liège, Belgium, has on offer an enjoyably eclectic exploration of the theme 'Images of
  • cabo de são vicente
    Cabo de São Vicente is the very south-western tip of Portugal (and Europe), and the cliff of the Promontorium Sacrum, as the Romans called it, was the last land the Portug
  • lisbon murals
  • lisbon winter
  • return of the wanderer
    'Return of the Wanderer', seen in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, is a striking example of Jack Butler Yeats ' later work, when after a career as an illustrator he developed
  • northern ireland: the antrim coast
  • ireland: connemara
  • ireland: skellig michael
    Off the coast of south-western Ireland, at the edge of the known world (in the Middle Ages at least), lie two rocks jutting out of the Atlantic, known as the Skellig Islan
  • ireland: carrauntoohil
    After Wales' Snowdon two years ago, this is Ireland's highest peak, Carrauntoohil in County Kerry. And as a bonus on the way back, this moment of pastoral beauty... Note:
  • insel hombroich
    In the rolling Rhineland fields near Neuss lies the Museum Insel Hombroich , a spacious park that's also a museum, with both open air sculpture and graphic work housed in
  • miyajima torii
    Located on Miyajima in the Seto Inland Sea, Itsukushima Shrine with its famous gate (torii) that appears to be floating on the water is one of the canonical Three Views of
  • a-bomb dome
    When the nuclear bomb named Little Boy hit Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, one of the very few buildings left standing in the city was the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Pr
  • tintesmillen - rodershausen
    ...And following the Our on the Luxembourg-Germany border.
  • grüfflingen - tintesmillen
    ...Past the Belgium-Luxembourg-Germany tripoint and into the Our valley...
  • vielsalm - grüfflingen
    Continuing the trail in Vielsalm, through the eastern outskirts of the Ardennes...
  • baalbek
    The city of Baalbek , in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley , was in ancient times known as Heliopolis (not to be confused with the Egyptian city of the same name). These days it sell
  • beirut, beyroutes
    Once called the Paris of the East, these days Beirut may remind more of Berlin, with its glaring contrasts, open wounds and vibrant energy. Divided and laid to waste durin
  • loch lomond
    Loch Lomond , Scotland's, and in fact Britain's, largest lake, dressed in the purplish hues of autumn...
  • edinburgh castle
    (Only a few phone snapshot details of Edinburgh Castle I'm afraid...)
  • ardennes: stavelot - vielsalm
  • ardennes: spa - stavelot
  • chichu art museum
    In the context of Art Setouchi , the Chichu Art Museum deserves a separate post. Located on Naoshima , which has been developing as a centre of modern art for years, this
  • setouchi international art festival
    A bit like a fractal image, the archipelago of Japan contains the Seto Inland Sea , located between the main islands of Honshū, Shikoku and Kyūshū, which in turn contains
  • hokkaido vistas
    Hokkaidō, Japan's northern island, is where civilisation gives way to vast stretches of wilderness - pristine forests, vulcanic mountains, caldera lakes and desolate sea s
  • temple gardens
    Japanese gardens, where the moss is hand-swept and the grass hand-shaven, are living works of art, striving to balance meticulous craftmanship with the unpredictable prope
  • bamboo forest
    The Sagano bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto. (Camera died here, so these are phone snapshots.)
  • tokyo windows
    The bottom image is an artwork called 'Snow' by Yoshioka Tokujin , part of the ' Sensing Nature ' exhibition at the Mori Art Museum . Subtitled 'Rethinking the Japanese pe
  • tokyo surfaces
    Update: For the most probable locations of these photos, see this Tokyo map of where locals and tourists take pictures.
  • overheated camera
    This is what Japan - at 38°C, 100% humidity - looked like when my camera gave up the ghost... More Actual travel photos soon.
  • off to japan
    Days and months are travellers of eternity. So are the years that pass by. Those who steer a boat across the sea, or drive a horse over the earth till they succumb to the
  • iznik
    Just south of Istanbul, İznik (note the dotted i, to distinguish from the Turkish undotted ı) is better known to history as Nicaea, the city where much of the original hai
  • istanbul lights
    Istanbul's Aya Sofya , Grand Bazaar , Topkapi Palace Harem and Istiklal Caddesi .
  • istanbul & the bosporus
    To be travelling through the middle of a city as great, historic and forlorn as Istanbul, and yet to feel the freedom of the open sea - that is the thrill of a trip along
  • shopping astronaut
    Almost forgot to post this stencil graffiti from Stokes Croft, Bristol, which seems to be by an artist called SPQR . (Actually a better photo is this one .) Meanwhile that
  • wales: snowdon
    Wales' highest mountain Snowdon at 1,085 meters. (The UK's highest mountain is Ben Nevis in Scotland.)
  • wales: betws-y-coed
    Near the village of Betws-y-Coed (pronounce Betoos-er-Coid) in Snowdonia , north-western Wales.
  • wales: st davids
    On the western tip of Wales lies the village (officially a city) of St Davids . Its cathedral was founded by Welsh patron saint David in the fifth century, and became an i
  • wales: gower
    Gower is the small peninsula south of Swansea , with a beautiful coastline including Worm's Head (top two photos) and Three Cliffs Bay overlooked by the ruins of Pennard C
  • florence graffiti
    Just launched a new snapshots gallery , powered by Zenphoto , to replace the old manual one. It'll need some tweaking, but the basics of straightjacketting the layout and
  • medusa's head
    Two awesome renderings of Medusa in Florence. One already showed up in the previous post : Cellini 's bronze statue of Perseus holding Medusa's head, in the gallery on the
  • florence sculpture
    Some random samples of sculpture from the overwhelming open-air museum that is Florence... So overwhelming, in fact, that the city has been known to induce Stendhal syndro
  • florence skyline
    The skyline of Florence is dominated by a single building, the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore , or simply the Duomo. Though the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio vies with i
  • coptic egypt
    At more than 10% of the population, the Copts are a sizable minority in Egypt, and in most towns church towers can be seen side by side with the mosque minarets. The Copti
  • modern egypt
    For a glimpse of modern Egypt, look no further than the Bibliotheca Alexandrina , the futuristic new incarnation of the great library of antiquity. A giant disc rising fro
  • ancient egypt
    Herodotos was definitely right about the staggering number of ancient monuments to be found in Egypt. What's even more mindboggling is how well they are preserved, survivi
  • off to egypt
    About Egypt I shall have a great deal to relate because of the number of remarkable things which the country contains, and because of the fact that more monuments which be
  • morocco: gnawa
    Back to Morocco, where the traditional music of gnawa , or gnaoua, provides a fascinating representation of the different ethnic and religious groups that have shaped it.
  • la convivencia
    The period known as La Convivencia refers to the peaceful coexistence of Muslems, Jews and Christians during the Moorish reign of al-Andalus (Spain), between 711 and 1492.
  • tales of the alhambra
    The swan song of the Moors in Europe, the 14th century Alhambra palace remains suffused with exotic mystery. Located on a hilltop overlooking Granada , its fortified walls
  • morocco: essaouira
    After the sand dunes of the Sahara and the beehive of Marrakesh, the lazy Atlantic coastal town of Essaouira provides yet another of Morocco's many contrasts. Named Mogado
  • morocco: marrakesh
    The old medina of Marrakesh stretches the concept of a city to its very limit with a labyrinthine density of alleyways and souks , donkeys and scooters, veiled women and h
  • morocco: m'hamid
    On the edge of the Sahara, at the end of the asphalt road, lies the sleepy town of M'Hamid (with the h pronounced with excessive aspiration), where the camel caravans used
  • off to morocco
  • czech winter
  • christmas angel in prague
  • october in munich, pt. 2
    ...To the serene Indian summer mountains around Garmisch-Partenkirchen , an hour south of Munich...
  • october in munich, pt. 1
    From the massive Maß 'd hectivity of Munich's Oktoberfest ...
  • bruges
  • confusing time
    Curious announcement at the train station today: Ladies and gentlemen, please note that as of today the clocks in this station will no longer display the correct time.
  • unknown sage
    No idea who this sculpture is of or by (nor to what extent its weather-worn appearance is intentional). It's located in front of the Neptune Grotto of the Sanssouci Palace
  • mexico: real de catorce
    Some eight hours further north from Guanajuato (see previous post ), in the middle of nowhere, the small mountain town of Real de Catorce is an oasis of quiet surrounded b
  • mexico: guanajuato
    A couple of hours north of Mexico City, the beautiful old city of Guanajuato is tucked away in the mountains. With one of the richest silver mines in the world (20% of the
  • mexico: tenochtitlan
    Mexico City, formerly known as Tenochtitlan , the capital of the Aztecs , was built on an island in Lake Texcoco and one of the world's largest cities by the time it was d
  • mexico: teotihuacán
    So, to finally delve into Mexico, with the awe-inspiring archeological site of Teotihuacán , just north-east of Mexico City. Built by unknown predecessors of the Aztecs (w
  • love in the time of science
    Slightly bizarre going to Mexico to discover music from Iceland... But Emiliana Torrini 's 'Love in the Time of Science' (from '99) proved to be the perfect soundtrack for
  • berlin slogans 2
    To keep things chronological, some more Berlin before moving on to Mexico. Compare the propaganda in West Berlin (on the Kaufhaus des Westens ) and East Berlin...
  • berlin slogans
    More to follow. First, off to Mexico... Update: The above neon cry, in front of Berlin's Deutsches Theater , is of course a quote from Goethe 's ' Faust ' (as was kindly p
  • munich isar
  • london cctv
  • de monet aux pixels
    Claude Monet famously painted a whole series of Rouen 's Notre Dame Cathedral at different times of day. Half a century later, Roy Lichtenstein made a Pop art version. Now
  • south africa: on the road
  • south africa: winter
  • howth yellow
  • dublin green
  • dresdner frauenkirche
    Dresden , eastern Germany's 'Elbflorenz' (Florence on the Elbe) has a new Frauenkirche , complete with its famous ' Steinerne Glocke ' (Stone Bell). Once the skyline domin
  • futuristic shanghai
    ' Code 46 ', Michael Winterbottom 's thoughtful dystopian drama, treats such themes as the divide between haves and have-nots, genetic cloning and the nature of memory (wh
  • shanghai contrasts
  • off to china...
  • munich giant
  • spring shades of green
  • dachau
    Where one sculpture says more than the whole two hour tour... Update: Larger version posted in the Places photo gallery .
  • all we saw of antwerp today
  • trainview mirror
  • british sign-fetish in london

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