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  • the pathology of solutionism
    A more serious discussion of the progress trap was provided on Monday, when internet critic Evgeny Morozov gave a talk in the Balie in Amsterdam for the launch of the Dutc
  • responsive, nobile, projects
    In a long overdue overhaul of this website, but in time for its 10th anniversary later this year, I have implemented three changes: A responsive layout, meaning the site a
  • post-digital print
    An inspiring book for those who like to do their reading on paper, Alessandro Ludovico's 'Post-Digital Print' (2012) offers much-needed nuance in the 'print is dead' debat
  • idfa doclab: do not touch
    From an oilfield boomtown documentary that is also a sims game, to a crowdsourced music video that makes your cursor part of a swarm - this year's Doclab program at the In
  • the shallows
    With their latest and lightest album ' The Shallows ', postrock band I Like Trains - or iLiKETRAiNS as they used to say - has taken their preoccupation with history and ap
  • website hacked
    Just a short service announcement: today my website was hacked and down for most of the day until I had a chance to clean up the mess, directory by tedious directory. This
  • iffr: map
    'Map' by German artist Aram Bartholl was part of this year's Signals: For Real program at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which focused on the increasingly blur
  • idfa doclab: insitu
    The Doclab program at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam provides an annual harvest of interactive documentaries from around the world, and is a great w
  • avoid news
    An interesting essay that's been making the rounds recently - ironically after being published in a Dutch newspaper - is ' Avoid News ' (PDF) by Rolf Dobelli . Subtitled '
  • idfa's doclab: documentary storytelling
    An eclectic harvest at this year's DocLab , the new media program of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam , focusing on new forms of documentary storytell
  • data stories
    Recommended viewing for journalists and critical readers, the documentary ' Journalism in the Age of Data ' looks at the state of the art of data visualization . With a de
  • pivotx
    Some maintenance going on here, as I finally made the jump to PivotX , software-wise. Still some details to iron out, but mostly things should work smoothly and future-pro
  • crashing chairs
    1) everything that's already in the world when you're born is just normal; 2) anything that gets invented between then and before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting an
  • a tool to deceive and slaughter
    Intriguing conceptual art piece by Caleb Larsen, titled ' A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter '. It consists of a shiny black box connected to the web, which will put itself u
  • hex empire
    One of those casual time-wasting online games that got the addiction factor right is Hex Empire , by Meta Sauce . Basically a variation of Risk , it's a strategy game on a
  • in b flat
    In B Flat is an online collaborative music project with contributions all in b flat , brought together as youTube videos. There's no rhythm, just sounds, so you can play a
  • digital detox
    Hm, shouldn't be posting this, nor should you be reading this... Adbusters' Digital Detox Week has just started.
  • 100,000,000,000,000 sonnets
    ' 100,000,000,000,000 Sonnets ' is a nice online version of Raymond Queneau 's 'Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes' (' Hundred Thousand Billion Poems '). Composed of fourteen
  • closure
    Closure has been described as an online Flash game "about being and nothingness". The game indeed takes a very original approach to the worn-out genre of platform games ,
  • add-art
    For many Firefox users, ad blockers like Adblock Plus have long purged websites of blinking banners and other annoying advertisements. Now Add-Art provides a nice way to f
  • idfa '08
    Not having seen much of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - except the morbid mafia of ' Necrobusiness ' - luckily documentaries increasingly embrace the we
  • auditorium
    Auditorium is a very elegant puzzle game by cipher prime . In a kind of playful synesthysia, the goal is to create music by directing colored light beams. With a visually
  • word clouds
    These are not tag clouds but word clouds, from a nice applet at Wordle.net . (Both images are distilled from my blog feed. The second is without filtering of common words.
  • everything that happens
    Curious new collaboration by David Byrne and Brian Eno , almost 30 years after ' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts '. Their new album, called ' Everything That Happens Will Ha
  • real snail mail
    A "slow art" project by boredomresearch , RealSnailMail is "the world's first webmail service using live snails." Your e-mail could take days or even weeks to get delivere
  • digital forgetting
    Harvard professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger argues for an expiration date on digital content. While in practice the idea (a metatag for all data saying "will self-destruct
  • bookmark & share
    For those of you using one of the many social bookmark tools (like del.icio.us , digg , StumbleUpon and Technorati ), this weblog now contains a convenient button at the b
  • christvertising
    Is your brand in God's good books? Some hilarious satire for Easter Sunday: Christvertising.com , which had many in the American blogosphere wondering whether it was real
  • the digital universe
    For some truly astronomical figures, check ' The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe ', an annual white paper by IDC , sponsored by EMC . According to their estimates,
  • what can't be copied
    Kevin Kelly recently wrote a thoughtful essay called ' Better Than Free ' on the economics of a digital society. In what is essentially a modern inversion of Walter Benjam
  • chain factor
    A clever and highly addictive game, ' Chain Factor ' is a kind of Four in a Row / matching tiles hybrid. It's also the first innovation in the whole ' Bejeweled ' genre I'
  • supercities
    19.20.21. is a research website on "19 cities in the world with 20 million people in the 21st century." With most of the world's population now living in cities, these gre
  • the story of stuff
    ' The Story of Stuff ' neatly explains how our entire economy increasingly boils down to one thing: consuming more stuff. From resource extraction to production, distribut
  • indexed
    If you haven't already, check out Indexed , clever weblog with just little diagrams on index cards, "making fun of some things and sense of others." These are two random e
  • game, game, game and again game
    For an original and utterly weird interactive experience, check out ' game, game, game and again game ' by Jason Nelson , who calls it "a digital poem/game/net artwork hyb
  • flow
    Check out flOw , a beautiful intuitive game set in "an abstract aquatic world inviting the player to dive in, to learn, to explore, to survive..." There is little instruct
  • steamboat bill, jr
    What's a blog without some YouTube these days, right? So here's an awesome, old-fashioned spectacle Buster Keaton clip. It's a compilation (re-edit) of the famous storm se
  • havidol
    "Everyone should be able to live life to its fullest. I used to believe I did. I felt confident in myself, and my relationships. I exercised regularly. I slept quietly thr
  • le grand content
    Le Grand Content examines the omnipresent Powerpoint-culture in search for its philosophical potential. Intersections and diagrams are assembled to form a grand 'associati
  • tags
    As a start of the long overdue redesign of this blog, i'll be experimenting with adding tags to entries. So bear with potential bugs... Tagging, as a form of adding metada
  • calling shotgun
    Hilarious Wikipedia article on ' calling shotgun ', the very American car-cultural game of claiming passenger seat rights. With some of the more elaborate rules, it must t
  • flash nostalgia
    The preliminary polls are over, but you can still vote for ' The Most Influential Flash Site of the Decade '. The archive of yearly winners, from 1996 to 2006, makes for s
  • bush of ghosts
    Cool remix site for ' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts ', the 1981 album by David Byrne and Brian Eno . Update: For some old-school remixing, check out Bruce Connor 's found-
  • chernobyl
    Haunting photo essay on the horrific, tragic effects of Chernobyl , 20 years later. By Magnum photographer Paul Fusco . Via Kottke .
  • wealth of networks
    Interesting new book by Yochai Benkler, ' The Wealth of Networks '. Like Kelly , Barlow (' The Economy of Mind ') and Lessig (' The Future of Ideas '), Benkler describes t
  • compliment spam
    Argh! Heavy comment spam attack tonight. Is 53 in 14 minutes a record? Probably not. But the annoying thing is you have to weed them all out manually, which is kind of an
  • internet is shit
    Good antidote for too much internet optimism : www.internetisshit.org . Via Raph .
  • tela totius terrae
    The "tela totius terrae" (ttt) is the world wide web (www) in Latin. If this sounds like Asterix & Obelix , it turns out there's a whole ' Dictionary of Modern Latin ' (pu
  • eyecandystore
    For obsessive downloaders, here's a good collection of public domain torrents (i.e. downloadable films of which the copyright has expired). Includes silent classics (highl
  • the machine stops
    E.M. Forster , not exactly known for science fiction, wrote an interesting short story called ' The Machine Stops ' (first published in 1909), depicting a future society e
  • hi-res feed
    Hi-Res! , the company that brought you trendsetting sites like Donny Darko , Requiem for a Dream and Massive Attack , has a blog called Feed with assorted weirdness and co
  • need an expo pavilion?
    Remember the Dutch pavilion for the World Expo 2000 in Hannover? A "stacked landscape" designed by MVRDV , it was the Expo's tallest structure, and a big hit at the time.
  • film title art
    Nice feature by Not Coming to a Theater Near You on the famous film titles and sequences designed by Saul Bass , including many Hitchcock and Scorsese films. @ www.notcomi
  • some good old internet optimism
    In Wired 's look-back at "10 years of boom, bust, and sock puppets" since Netscape went public in 1995, Kevin Kelly 's article ' We Are the Web ' provides an interesting l
  • spacetimemoney continuum
    His wealth resides less in possessions than in the fact of that most modern of powers, mobility, the ability to be present at practically the same time in every part of th
  • crystallized music
    Cool animation visualizing a jazz piece by John Coltrane , 'Giant Steps' ('59). The structural approach of John Coltrane to music is associated with architectural thinking
  • human footprint map
    As a follow-up to my earlier Human Footprint post , here's an illustrative world map. The resolution is poor, but the Netherlands look reddish if not purple... The Human F
  • how big is your footprint?
    The Ecological Footprint Quiz is an interesting way of confronting yourself with your own lifestyle. Ecological Footprints document a given population's consumption and wa
  • the history of sampling
    Cool web project chronicling the history of sampling in music. Check: jessekriss.com/projects/samplinghistory (You need a Java plugin.)
  • the ultimate anecdote
    Welcome back to 1999. Jacob van Duijn's new novel 'Hyper' chronicles the height of the internet hype in Amsterdam through the eyes of a honey voiced consultant with an inf
  • assorted shorts
    Some cool short films to watch online @ Channel4.com : ' Copyshop ' ( Virgil Widrich , '01): Kafkaesque short about a man who makes photocopies of himself, with nightmaris
  • electric acrid smell
    It's good to be back online. My computer literally blew itself up this week, with a big bang and an electric acrid smell that reminded me it's still a nuts and bolts machi
  • contributing to a puzzle
    Let me recommend Wikipedia , which i recently discovered, not only as a great source of information, but also as a satisfying activity adding to. Writing an article for Wi
  • abstract high rise
    Check these amazing photos of Hong Kong high rise. Almost Escher, except people live in it... Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density (Suggested by Jens .)
  • this is a fake blog
    Although Wikipedia's definition doesn't mention it, some people say a blog is only a blog when readers can react. True as that might be, I just haven't implemented this fe
  • how to be creative (long version)
    How to be creative in a non-creative world, in 23 illustrated points. www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/000932.html Good luck!

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